Ballpark Estimate for your Hawaii Vacation

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There’s a lot to talk about on this podcast, including Hawaiian Airlines’ new airbus. These fuel efficient airplanes include entertainment centers and hold 294 people.  Ten new vessels will be launched in the next few weeks by the airline.
If you’re headed to the Big Island this weekend, be sure to check out the Big Island Film Festival. With independent film screenings, live music, food and entertainment this is a great activity for all ages. Next Bruce will answer a listener’s question regarding pricing, and explain a ball park figure for your Hawaii vacation.
If you’re coming from the West Coast, a ball park range for two people traveling to Hawaii is $1700, which includes airfare and accommodations. Add in a rental car for around $40 a day and you’ve got a ball park range for a Hawaii vacation. But this really depends on your travel dates. Always try to avoid weekend travel because it is the most expensive.
Next, Bruce and Yaling want to tell you how to experience Oahu’s historical hotels without actually staying in them. Due to their price, many travelers don’t get the opportunity to see these places, but they really are worth exploring. A few hotels included in this review are the Moana Surfrider, The Royal Hawaiian (a.k.a. The Pink Palace) and the Princess Kaiulani.
This podcast finishes off with packages that have been booked in the last 24 to 48 hours. Today Yaling is describing a package for 2 traveling to two different islands from Salt Lake City for $3,405, which includes airfare, hotel and a rental car. Next, another couple of 2 is traveling to the Royal Lahaina in Maui and booked the Romance Package which includes a luau, sunset dinner cruise, champagne, hotel accommodations and a rental car all for only $2,873. Stay tuned for more Hawaii package reviews!