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Aloha Stadium concert

Blockbuster concerts at Aloha Stadium

Hawaii music lovers have been gifted with a glut of national acts recently. Concerts by multiple national acts from a variety of genres have rocked here of late. When it… Read More

Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild Tap Extravaganza

Oahu visitors with a taste for craft brews are in for a special treat with the Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild Tap Extravaganza on October 20 at the Village Bottle Shop… Read More

Hawaiian language

Hawaiian language lessons free online!

The Hawaiian language is mostly recognized by the rest of the world in words like aloha and mahalo. That is likely to soon change as DuoLingo, the free language instruction… Read More

Crack seed

Crack seed in Hawaii: A love letter

Crack seed is a Hawaii snack item with a taste that is, well, acquired. Generally speaking, it is a Chinese food item, imported with Chinese sugar plantation workers who arrived… Read More

Jack's Restaurant

Jack’s Restaurant: a true local breakfast/lunch favorite

Jack’s Restaurant in Aina Haina is the kind of local establishment that you just kind of have to know about to find it. Tucked into a strip mall in East… Read More

Kilauea Aerial

2018: Hawaii headlines go worldwide

Volcanoes! Hurricanes! Political intrigue! Hawaii news stories have garnered a fair share of national headlines thus far in 2018. Here is a rundown of some of the most prominent Hawaii… Read More