Best Hawaii Island for a Honeymoon 

Best Hawaii Island for a Honeymoon
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We’ve decided on the 3 Best Hawaii Islands for a Honeymoon to take the guesswork out of your newlywedded travel. 

When you’re in the trenches of wedding planning and stressing over each detail of your big day, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: your honeymoon. No pressure, no worries, just you and your new spouse relaxing in a beautiful location. 

Are you dreaming of a honeymoon in Hawaii? Many newlyweds flock to the Aloha State for incredible scenery, laid-back lifestyle, and luxurious resorts.

But before you pack your bags and head off on a memorable getaway, choose the best Hawaii islands for your honeymoon. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

At Hawaii Aloha Travel, we’ve worked with all kinds of couples, so we’ve seen first-hand the experiences newlyweds have in the islands. So read on to find out which is your best island. 

#1: Maui

In general, Maui is the best place to honeymoon. There are lots of options for both lower-cost condo rentals and high-end resorts. You’ll find both fine dining options and hole-in-the-wall eateries, plus pretty much endless activities. 

It’s also super romantic on Maui. There are great sunset views, places for relaxed strolls, amazing spas, and a laid-back vibe that will allow you to really enjoy these blissful days. 

Where to Stay: Hotel Wailea

The Hotel Wailea is an adults-only, all-suite hotel located in Maui’s upscale resort community of Wailea. It’s a short drive to the beach, and you can book lots of great activities through their concierge. The restaurants at the Hotel Wailea are incredibly romantic, and you’ll love the care they put into your honeymoon. 

The Restaurant at the Hotel Wailea
The Restaurant at the Hotel Wailea

What to Do

We recommend you plan for lots of relaxing beach time during your honeymoon. Wailea has some of the best beaches in Hawaii, so you won’t have to go far for that. You may also want to take a day trip on the Road to Hana or drive to the summit of Haleakala Crater.

Paia town is a great place to peruse local shops and get a taste of small-town life in Hawaii. Upcountry Maui (on the slope of Haleakala) has scenic parks, local restaurants, and a tranquil lavender farm full of meandering, whimsical pathways. 

Maui has a lot of great activities, like ziplining, horseback riding, kayaking, surfing, and hiking. 

And with so many upscale resorts, there is no shortage of incredible spa options, so you and your new spouse can unwind with a couple’s massage. 

#2 – Kauai

We always go back and forth between Maui and Kauai, as they are both the best Hawaii Islands for honeymoons. 

Kauai is far more relaxed than Maui and has a unique beauty. After all, Kauai’s nickname is the Garden Isle, and its lush, rich landscape is incredibly romantic. That may mean fewer sunny days during your honeymoon (since ample rainfall creates this lush environment). But, if your number-one goal for your honeymoon is to connect with each other in a serene place, Kauai could be perfect for you. 

Hawaii Honeymoon

Where to Stay: 1 Hanalei Bay

1 Hanalei Bay is a brand-new resort on Kauai’s north shore. If you are visiting this island to feel connected to nature, this is the place to book. Every detail at 1 Hanalei Bay is centered around wellness and oneness with the land. A stay here is super pricey, so your honeymoon will feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

If you are visiting Kauai because it’s the best Hawaii island for a honeymoon, then 1 Hanalei Bay is a place to fully experience its romance and beauty.

For a relatively lower-cost option in Kauai, we recommend the Sheraton Kauai Resort near Poipu Beach. It’s in the sunniest part of the island and is perfect for couples. 

What to Do

Poipu Beach will likely be your best spot for swimming and relaxing on the sand, but you should plan to take romantic walks along the shoreline of the rougher north shore beaches. For a scenic drive, head to Waimea Canyon or check out Spouting Horn blowhole.

Top Kauai activities include cruises along the Na Pali Coast and mountain tubing through irrigation streams. You can also kayak through the Hanalei River or visit one of the many Kauai Botanical Gardens

While there are lots of activities to do on Kauai, things there do move at a slower pace than on Maui, which could allow you to really take in quality time with each other during your honeymoon. 

#3 – Lanai

Lanai isn’t typically at the top of our list for the best places to stay in Hawaii, but it does offer something special for honeymooners. 

Lanai is extremely rural, with one small community and lots of undeveloped land. This means that a vacation here will be limited to your resort’s grounds and excursions, which could be perfect for some couples who don’t want to spend their vacation time driving around trying to see and do it all.

However, this magic comes at a price. And since there aren’t many options for low-cost food and activities nearby, Lanai won’t work for couples sticking to a budget for their Hawaii honeymoon.  

Where to Stay: Four Seasons Resort Lanai

The Four Seasons is pretty much your only accommodation option on Lanai. It’s incredibly luxurious and secluded and has a true “resort bubble” feel to it. 

Another benefit of the Four Seasons Lanai’s seclusion is that it repels a lot of families with children who need more activities than what you can find on the small island. 

So Lanai earns its place on our list of Best Hawaii Islands for a Honeymoon solely because of its Four Seasons Resort. If you can’t swing for a stay here, the nearby island of Maui may be a better choice. 

Lanai is one of the best hawaii island for honeymoon
The Four Seasons Lanai

What to Do

The Four Seasons staff can book excursions like catamaran tours, golfing, guided hikes, horseback riding, and Jeep rentals – so you don’t have to be completely confined to the hotel’s (amazing) grounds. 

Lanai is also one of the best places to see spinner dolphins and for scuba diving. In the winter months, humpback whales breach not far offshore. 

A ferry connects Maui and Lanai, so you can also take a day trip to see another excellent honeymoon island. 

Other Best Hawaii Islands for Your Honeymoon 

While we love both Hawaii Island and Oahu, they’re typically not our top choice for honeymoons. There’s so much to see and do on these islands that you may forget to unwind and simply take in your newlywedded bliss. Plus, we just think Maui and Kauai are the most romantic.

But, if you dream of visiting some of these islands’ top attractions, you could have a great honeymoon. On Oahu, you can watch the sunset over Diamond Head in Waikiki or swim in the pristine lagoons of Ko Olina. 

And the Big Island of Hawaii is home to Volcanoes National Park, a bucket-list sight for many couples. 

The great thing about visiting Hawaii? The islands are just a short plane ride apart. So you may not have to choose just one of the best Hawaii islands for your honeymoon. You could island-hop and stay at multiple places during your vacation. 

Honeymoon Planning

Wedding planning is tough, and your honeymoon should be worry-free and fun to look forward to. Let our team of travel agents put together a custom Hawaii honeymoon plan for you so that your vacation truly is the ultimate celebration of your love.