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Romance / Honeymoon Advantages

With 16 years of experience living locally and planning over 110,000 Hawaiian vacations, here are some sights you don’t want to miss on Oahu.

Time together
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Very often when people think of Hawaii for a honeymoon or anniversary they rule it out because they think it’s too expensive. While it’s true that Hawaii is not the cheapest destination it’s certainly can be affordable especially this year. We have and continue to see tremendous deals on all islands with emphasis on romanc

We’re here to help you find our All-Inclusive Hawaii Packages below,

or get help picking hotels or activities – we can help with that too!

Unforgettable Moments That Will Ignite Romance!

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All Inclusive Hawaii Honeymoon Packages Includes

  • 5 Nights at World Class 4 Star Hotel
  • All Breakfasts & Dinners
  • Daily Excursions and Private tours
  • Dinner Cruise
  • Private Airport Transfers
  • VIP Hotline service
  • Hawaii Aloha Travel Welcome Pack

Package Itinerary

Day 1Arrival and 5 Star Dinner Cruise

Begin your All-Inclusive Hawaiian Honeymoon with a warm island lei greeting, instantly immersing you in the intoxicating scents of Hawaii. With a private transfer, settle into your hotel and get ready to explore the beauty of Waikiki beach. Your romantic journey includes hotel luxuries and an unforgettable evening on the Star of Honolulu. Delight in a 5-star dinner cruise featuring exquisite French cuisine, soothing jazz music, and captivating ocean views – the perfect setting to spark romance.

Day 2Pampering Day

Indulge in Oahu’s tropical serenity with your partner. Enjoy a couples massage at a premium resort spa, with options for facials, scrubs, and other rejuvenating treatments. After your spa day, relax at the beach, dive into the hotel pool, or simply bask in the ambiance. End the day with a romantic dinner at Azure, renowned for its intimate setting and gourmet cuisine.

Day 3Private Oahu for Lovers Tour

Experience Oahu’s hidden gems in style in one of our modified Jeeps, guided by a local expert. Visit secluded beaches, waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas. Enjoy a beachside local plate lunch and dive into the azure waters, all tailored to your pace. This day is about celebrating the beauty of Hawaii and the joy of being together.

Day 4Free Day

This day is a chance for you to relax in whatever way you want. Lounge poolside, hit the beach or explore a different side of the island. You can also choose from a variety of optional couples activities (not included in the package) we have to offer, including ziplining, horseback riding, snorkeling, sailing or golfing. But if you want to simply enjoy the amenities of the hotel, this is the day to do it.

Day 5Beach Picnic Day

Get away from the crowds of town today and discover the seclusion of a quiet beach. We’ll set up a private picnic for you and your partner right in the sand. This beach is beautiful, and quiet and stretches for miles over white sand and turquoise waters. Enjoy an umbrella, beach chairs, and a cooler delivered with the perfect beach picnic pupus. Enjoy 4-5 hours together on this romantic seashore, and then head back to the hotel to freshen up. Tonight you’ll also find luxury private transportation to and from dinner at one of Hawaii’s top restaurants specializing in Asian Hawaiian cuisine.

Day 6Departure, Breakfast and Morning Swim

Enjoy your last day in Hawaii with a romantic breakfast in bed. Allow yourselves to enjoy the company of one another in the morning light and relive all the great adventures from the days before. Room service has never been so romantic. Afterward, refresh in the pool or ocean waters and take some of Hawaii’s salt and sunshine home. Don’t forget to stop by the local shops for any last-minute souvenirs of your romantic vacation spent together here in Hawaii.

Hawaii Honeymoon Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Hawaii Honeymoon?

Several factors influence the cost of a honeymoon in Hawaii. Typically, since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, couples tend to spend more on their honeymoon than they would on a regular vacation. Some couples even have their friends and family cover some of the costs or set up a registry where loved ones can contribute. A reasonable all-inclusive budget for a 6-night honeymoon on one island (excluding airfare) at a 4-star resort is $4,000.00.

How far in advance should I plan my Hawaii Honeymoon?

It’s advisable to book your honeymoon as far in advance as possible. Typically, we can provide price estimates for all the components about 8 months ahead of time. This approach offers a couple of advantages: 1) You secure a favorable deal and can begin making payments well in advance, and 2) If prices decrease, we can easily re-book at a lower rate.

How many nights is a typical Hawaii Honeymoon? 

A typical single-island honeymoon lasts 6-7 nights, while a 2-island honeymoon spans 8-9 nights. Plan to spend a minimum of 4 nights per island. Pro tip: Many couples make the mistake of trying to visit too many islands in a short period of time.

When Is the Best Time of Year for a Hawaii Honeymoon?

Any time of year is ideal for a honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s best to avoid peak travel dates, such as holidays. The most favorable deals are typically found during the shoulder or off-season: January to early March, late April to early June, and September to mid-December.

How will we get around once we’re in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a place to explore and discover, so your honeymoon shouldn’t revolve around staying at a resort. With the exception of Oahu, it’s recommended that you get a rental car.

Which island should I choose for my honeymoon?

Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own charm (Guide to Choosing Best Island for Honeymoon). Most honeymoons take place on Kauai or Maui. If you’re planning to island hop on your honeymoon, choosing two islands with contrasting characteristics is recommended. For instance, while Maui and Oahu have similar features and topography, a combination of Oahu and Kauai might offer more variety. You can also opt for an “island split” strategy, staying on two different parts of any island to enjoy varied experiences.

There’s much more to consider when booking a Hawaii honeymoon, and that’s where our knowledge and expertise can prove invaluable. After all, this is a special destination, and you don’t want to make a mistake you’ll regret! We’ll work with you personally to ensure the Hawaii honeymoon you’ve dreamed of becomes a reality!