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Manoa Chinese Cemetery

Manoa Chinese Cemetery links to the past

The Manoa Chinese Cemetery is steeped in history, tradition, and a spiritual connection to revered ancestors. For most Hawaii visitors, strolling through a graveyard is probably not the first thing… Read More

Red Pineapple

Red Pineapple: Creative gifts from Hawaii

It’s a tradition around the world for adventurers and vacationers to return home bearing gifts for loved ones. Red Pineapple on Oahu is the perfect stop for visitors to find… Read More

Atlantis Majestic

Atlantis Majestic Dinner Cruise delights

The Atlantis Majestic Dinner Cruise is wonderful way to spend an evening on the water in Waikiki. Enjoy great food and drinks while watching a stunning Hawaii sunset. Friday nights… Read More

Falls of Clyde

Falls of Clyde to return to Scotland

The 140-year saga of the Falls of Clyde appears to be reaching a happy turning point. Hawaii’s historic but deteriorated merchant ship, built in Scotland in 1878, will be returned… Read More

Appreciating Hawaii Skies

Hawaii’s landscapes and seascapes have always been major selling points for Hawaii’s tourism industry. However, the subtleties of the moods of Hawaii skies often go unnoticed by visitors. Until they… Read More

Beach access Hawaii

Beach Access Concerns in Hawaii

Beach access in Hawaii is likely not a concern for incoming visitors. Hawaii is home to some of the most famously beautiful and easily accessible beaches in the world (once… Read More