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Koolau Golf

Lots more than golf at Koolau Golf Club

The Koolau Golf Club offers much more than a round of golf. Nestled at the base of the Koolau Mountains in Kaneohe, it is home to amazing views, a nearby… Read More

Lava Flow to Ocean

Madam Pele finds the ocean

Stunning images are coming from Lower Puna as the Kilauea Volcano lava flow meets the sea. Madam Pele has completed her four-mile journey to the coastline. Lava from Fissure 20… Read More

Ka Iwi Coastline on Oahu

Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk beckons visitors and residents

The 2018 Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk offers Oahu visitors a one of a kind chance to experience the fabled coastline on foot and at their own pace. It… Read More

Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow

Don’t believe the hype: Hawaii’s fine

The eyes of the world have been trained on Hawaii in recent weeks, mostly because of the eruption at Kilauea Volcano. But we’ve also had record rainfalls and destructive flooding… Read More

Hanauma Bay is an ideal snorkeling spot , and it is a great beach to spend the day at. We can include a trip to Hanauma Bay through our all-inclusive vacation packages. Call us today to learn more!

Hawaii’s sunscreen ban protects reefs. Now what?

The Hawaii State Legislature has passed a law banning certain types of sunscreen in Hawaii. The law intends to protect Hawaii’s fragile coral reefs. Coral reefs around the… Read More

Hawaii Polo Club Rider

Hawaii Polo Club’s 2018 season gets underway

Hawaii Polo Club’s 2018 Spring/Summer Season has begun, and it is off to a roaring start. Located at the Mokuleia Polo Field on a fairly remote stretch… Read More