Pulling The Kids from School to Save Money on your Hawaii Trip during Peak seasons

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Aloha Bruce tackles the question of whether or not to take your kids out of school for a Hawaii trip on this episone Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce marvels that the pandemic has been going on this long, and notes that he received his vaccine booster shot without any side effects at all. He says being vaccinated makes a Hawaii vacation much more enjoyable than having to get tested to do almost anything indoors without it.

“I’m not getting why so many people are so resistant to it,” Bruce says. “The vaccine is the way to go.”

Bruce gives a rundown of the latest developments in Hawaii’s travel restrictions and requirements. “We are in, probably, the safest place in the country.” He talks about a common question from listeners and explains Hawaii Aloha Travel’s “all-inclusive” packages. He notes some booking mistakes people make, such as booking cheap airfare before booking accommodations that fit their travel budget.

Bruce says that a vast majority of on HAT’s Facebook group page would absolutely take their kids out of school if it means getting a better deal on their Hawaii vacation. Cheaper rates come along during “off season” months, which coincide with when kids are in school. Bruce wonders out loud about creating distance learning for kids away from school with their families on vacation.

“You can beat the crowds and beat the prices is to book during the off months,” Bruce says. He explains how HAT books families with kids during the school year and says planning well in advance is key. He advises informing teachers about your trip and possibly having kids do their schoolwork in advance, and incentivizing kids to get the work done here in Hawaii and at home.

Bruce also discusses how much money you can save by booking well in advance and during the off seasons. “I don’t think you should feel guilty about pulling your kids out of school for a Hawaii vtrip. They might not even want to go back!”, Bruce jokes, and mentions the popular HBO series White Lotus, which was filmed on Maui. “That’s what happened to me!”