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Hawaii Vacation Podcast host Aloha Bruce is offering tips for repeat Oahu visitors on this latest episode. At the top, Bruce encourages our listeners to reach out and engage with us through our social media platforms. We want to hear from you!

Bruce mentions a recent HVCB survey looking into the likelihood of Hawaii vacationers returning in the future. Our host gets into some of the top reasons visitors say that they will not be returning. More than half of survey respondents say that high prices are the main reason they won’t return. Bruce talks about low supply and high demand creating high prices we are currently seeing in Hawaii.

Other respondents expressed interest in a different experience, and still others say that “poor value” is a factor in choosing not to return. Bruce repeats his frequent advice to “toggle back your expectations” regarding hotels, noting that there are very few new hotels in Hawaii. “There is so much you can do for free!” Bruce says. “Just go to the beach! Watch the sunset!”

Many respondents complained that Hawaii is too crowded and too commercialized. Others say that returning in five years is “too soon”. Bruce says that “every couple of years” is a good approach for repeat Hawaii visitors. “I’m learning the islands all over again after the pandemic.” More than 10% say that the length of Hawaii flights is the reason they won’t return. Bruce offers tips for planning arrival and departure days.

11% of respondents of the survey say that they have “no compelling reason” to return. This prompts Bruce to discuss repeat Oahu visitors and some of the things that make Oahu such an attractive visitor destination. He says that for repeat Oahu visitors, vacation itineraries can become “ a little more refined”.

Among activities for repeat Oahu visitors, Bruce discusses several hikes and restaurants that visitors may have missed on previous Hawaii vacations. He also mentions Iolani Palace and Washington Place, as well as the Queen Emma Summer Palace. “A lot of people don’t know about it or go to it,” Bruce says and shares some of the things that make it a unique museum and historically significant site. He also notes the Manoa Heritage Center, which features a beautiful garden and ancient heiau.

Up next for repeat Oahu visitors is the Koko Crater Botanical Gardens in southeast Oahu, which is easily reachable on the TheBus. Bruce also encourages a visit to Shangri La, the former estate of tobacco heiress Doris Duke, which is now a renowned museum of Islamic art at the foot of Diamond Head. “It’s Pretty incredible!”

Bruce also discusses the famous Liljestrand House on Tantalus Drive, which offers a 90-minute tour. On to the Hawaii Plantation Village in Waipahu that represents the many cultures that arrived in Hawaii during the Plantation Era. On the North Shore, Bruce notes Kahuku Farms tours as being great for kids and learning about sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.

Bruce says repeat Oahu visitors should “dig a little bit deeper” when planning your next trip, and that HAT can help you find those places on the island that you have yet to discover.

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