Saving Big Bucks on a Dream Hawaii Vacation

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Aloha Bruce is offering money saving tips for a dream Hawaii vacation on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. “Now is the time when we’re seeing people planning very diligently for their summer Hawaii vacations,” he says, noting that many of these people are families.

Bruce talks about families planning a Hawaii vacation who are learning that it is expensive to vacation in Hawaii, and shares some of his expert knowledge about booking flights, accommodations, and other important things to consider. First up are some tips about booking flights to Hawaii, and Bruce explains the benefits of booking certain flight times, economy seats, and baggage strategies to reduce costs.

Bruce moves on to booking accommodations, noting that ocean view rooms and suites are always more expensive. He notes that upgrades are available through HAT and asks, “How important is that view?” Bruce then explains some things to consider when booking for a group, and details factors in play when renting a condominium for a dream Hawaii vacation . When it comes to booking hotel rooms for groups, “That just jacks the price up,” he says. Condominiums also provide the opportunity to cook at “home” when booking a condominium.

The importance of the location of where you book accommodations on each island is also important to consider. Waikiki, for example, offers more discounted rooms. Bruce names some areas of the Neighbor Islands that are less expensive than resort areas.

Budgeting for food is also essential on a dream Hawaii vacation, Bruce says, and he offers his tips on choosing restaurants. “This is where it starts to get out of hand,” Bruce says. Incidentals like sunscreen, beach gear, rentals, and tipping at restaurants are also discussed. Travel insurance is another way to save money if you end up needing it.

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Bruce then moves on to the topic of activities, noting that “beaches are free!”. Other activities like hiking are mentioned, and Bruce talks about activity discounts and bundles that can offer significant savings. He mentions the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki and says that surfing lessons and other ocean activities are often reasonably inexpensive.


When it comes to transportation, Bruce makes the important point that you’ll need to rent a car on all of Hawaii’s islands except Oahu, where trolleys and The Bus offer free or inexpensive transportation all over the island. “You don’t have to be ‘Ubering’ everywhere!”

Shopping on a Hawaii vacation is next, and Bruce as always recommends buying local. Retail stores like Longs/CVS often have great souvenirs at reasonable prices to bring to family and friends back home. “Even Costco has some good stuff.”

Bruce also suggests avoiding activities that aren’t essential. “You don’t have to do a luau!” he says, explaining that they can be quite expensive. “The luau has become a really commercial, touristy kind of thing.”

There are many things to consider when planning a budget for a dream Hawaii vacation. Of course, the best way to get started is to contact the experts at Hawaii Aloha Travel who know the best ways to save and can find upgrades and discounts that simply aren’t available when you book on your own. Call us. Aloha!