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Aloha Bruce is back in the home studio for the first Hawaii Vacations Podcast on this Wednesday, January 11 to talk about 2023 Hawaii Vacation Planning. Bruce says now is the time of year that he sees the most interest in Hawaii vacations and it is the best time to plan and book.

Bruce says that Hawaii saw a slower holiday season due to limited international arrivals, and that resulted in lower room rates at Hawaii hotels. He notes that prices are back on the rise, and that he’s seeing rates above $300 per night at many hotels for dates in July.

Bruce starts with some recent Hawaii vacation news items, and he discusses the current eruption at Kilauea Volcano. He recommends Hawaii Island visitors to try and make a trip to view the lava lake in Halemaumau Crater. Bruce also notes that the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational surfing competition at Waimea Bay being called “on” and then “off” for today, and that it may yet take place later this month.

There is a proposal at the Hawaii Legislature to make gambling, sports betting and poker, legal at a stand-alone facility in the Aloha State. Bruce gets into some speculation over why gambling has remained illegal here for so long. He mentions the popularity of Las Vegas among Hawaii residents, saying, “Keep that money in Hawaii!” Next up is an IV (intravenous) Drip service at the Four Seasons on Hawaii Island, Next Health Wellness that can cost up to $12,000 for a single session. Bruce mentions some of the products and services on offer. “I need a longevity IV!”

On to 2023 Hawaii vacation planning, Bruce gets into the basics. He says knowing your preferred dates, number of travelers, and islands to visit are the most important parts of Hawaii vacation planning. “If you’re coming all the way to Hawaii, I think it makes sense to try to do more than one island.”

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

Bruce recommends choosing two islands for a weeklong stay. He also stresses the importance of being realistic when it comes to your Hawaii vacation budget. He also discusses the benefits of vacation protection insurance. He also talks about possible occasions and reasons for a Hawaii vacation like honeymoons and “baby-moons”, anniversaries and the like.

Bruce says that July is likely to see high room rates as Hawaii vacation season peaks, similar to holiday travel. He also says that visitors may want to take children out of school for a few days to have the flexibility to take advantage of the best available rates. Bruce says that 2023 Hawaii vacation planning for July should begin now.

The time to find the best rates is October/November, Bruce says, and discusses some tour and luau options that are less expensive than high prices at many commercial luaus. He mentions free entertainment and affordable beach rentals. Bruce also mentions Greenwell Farms on the Big Island, Dole Plantation, and Chinatown walking tours as low-cost options for 2023 Hawaii vacation planning. Now is the time to book!