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Tips for planning an Oahu itinerary and valuable insights into making a “quick trip” to Hawaii are discussed on this Tuesday, August 9, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. Our host Aloha Bruce gets right into the latest Hawaii travel news and developments at Hawaii Aloha Travel. He also offers on-air thanks to podcast listeners for their engagement with HAT.

First up is a breaking broadcast news story about a potential scam promising travel discounts and freebies from an app/company mistaken as part of HAT. Eight people have complained to the Better Business Bureau about a $2000 “pay-for-discounts” offer that hasn’t been honored (duh). The suspect company is named Aloha Hawaii Tours.

The complaints were not about Hawaii Aloha Travel. Bruce explains how Hawaii visitors are often swindled by bad actors and how the news got it wrong and how it can actually get it right. “I’m kind of glad she did complain because I was able to get the information I needed to protect our name and our visitors,” Bruce says. “Don’t worry. If you book through us, everything is going to be legit.”

After a brief note about new aircraft to be added to the fleet that serves Hawaii, Aloha Bruce moves into a discussion about the cost of living in Hawaii. “A lot of records are being broken in the purchase of Hawaii homes.”

Bruce also makes note of the recent closure of Kaimana Beach in Waikiki due to the residence of a mother monk seal and her newborn pup. “It’s such a special beach that it’s hard to keep people away from it.” Still, Bruce suggests, stay away for now. Also in the news is the Hotel Wailea on Maui (Hawaii’s only adults-only hotel), which offers a spendy 4-hour surf lesson experience.

The HAT Facebook Question of the Week is “Has inflation had any impact on your plans to visit Hawaii?” and Bruce shares several responses from several community members with a wide range of experiences. The response was “50-50”, Bruce says.

The topic of planning an Oahu itinerary brings Bruce to a recent client with a large party with children and how important it is to “book way in advance and don’t wait”. Bruce breaks down the costs of a December booking for a large party on Maui and Oahu and offers the realities of pricing accommodations at premium and luxury properties.

Quick trips to Hawaii are up next, and Bruce notes that Oahu is likely the best getaway for first-time Hawaii visitors for a variety of reasons. He offers a sample itinerary for a 5-night stay, which includes flight arrival and departure considerations and a day-by-day plan that includes experiences like Secret Hawaii Tours, beach activities, a luau, and other popular activities. Time management for a quick Oahu itinerary is vital. Bruce also shares some other useful and time-saving tips for departing flight days.

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