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Aloha Bruce is talking about sensible Hawaii vacation planning on this episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. “I’m going down the rabbit hole to discuss unrealistic expectations about a Hawaii vacation!”

Bruce starts briefly discussing travel protection/insurance before turning to Delta Airlines, offering many more Premium Select Seating and other first-class upgrades on several Hawaii-bound flights.

Don’t be Over-ambitious

On the topic of Hawaii vacation planning, Bruce delves deep into the yearnings of travelers seeking a genuine touch of the islands. He eloquently speaks of the growing appetite amongst tourists to immerse themselves in the “authentic Hawaii”, away from the stereotypical glitz of commercial establishments. Venturing beyond the conventional confines of hotels and resorts, vacation rentals and homes emerge as alluring alternatives. However, Bruce cautions securing such a retreat can sometimes tread into the realm of “unrealistic expectations.” The fantasy of these private getaways often comes with grandiose anticipations, setting the bar incredibly high for reality to match..

Hawaii Doesn’t have over-the-water “Huts.”

Bruce mentions the Hana Maui Resort by Hyatt on Maui and notes that remote accommodations will limit your options for activities during a Hawaii vacation. “Just be more realistic with your expectations and Hawaii vacation planning,” Bruce says. He also notes that “word of mouth” suggestions from friends will not likely provide the same experience for you.

Bruce also says that expectations like private jacuzzis and pools and bringing a family pet are unrealistic. He briefly notes Hawaii’s pet quarantine rules. “It’s such a hassle!” Bruce also says that there are no Hawaii hotels that allow smoking outside of designated areas. “You can’t smoke in hotel rooms in Hawaii!”

When doing Hawaii vacation planning, Bruce says it’s important to remember how expensive it is to fly first class, noting that easy upgrades are increasingly rare. “Those days are over, kids!” Finally, Bruce talks about the fact that there are no “all-inclusive” resorts in Hawaii like in other international destinations, although Hawaii Aloha Travel does put together all-inclusive packages for our clients. Give us a call!

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