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For the latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce is back in the studio to talk about Hawaii Vacation Planning and some of the most important things to keep in mind when booking a Hawaii vacation. Our Emmy Award-winning cohost Lanai Tabura will soon be back in episodes to come and exciting new announcements are to be made, with Yaling Fisher due back as well after a busy week of booking Hawaii travel.

In this episode, Bruce talks about getting around on Hawaii vacation and the important airports on each island destination in the Aloha State. There are very few options for interisland travel beyond taking a flight in Hawaii.

Bruce then moves on to on-island transportation during a Hawaii vacation. There is a fairly robust public bus system on Oahu, and there may not be a need for most visitors to rent a vehicle for their entire stay. Public and private parking fees get steep quickly. Hawaii Aloha Travel can help avoid those costs.

On neighboring islands, Bruce says you’ll likely want to rent a vehicle. He gives examples of why visitors might want to choose a rental vehicle. And he notes the advantages of renting a car on the Big Island (Hawaii Island), because you can pick up in Kona and drop off in Hilo, taking in much of the Big Island along the way (although fees may apply).

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

Aloha Bruce moves on to talk about the fact that Hawaii is a US state and to remind listeners that Hawaii visitors are still in America. “You can feel comfortable here,” he says.

It helps to have someone “on the ground” here in Hawaii to help you plan a perfect Hawaii vacation, Bruce notes, and that Hawaii Aloha Travel works personally with Hawaii visitors throughout their vacation in the Aloha State, wherever it may take them.

Bruce also talks about how important it is to avoid “over-planning” a Hawaii vacation, and why it is important to leave room for spontaneity in paradise. He says that now is a great time to book a Hawaii vacation before the end of the year because of deals and safety measures in place.

It is important to note, as Bruce says, that “Hawaii is open.”

Bruce shares some important transportation pricing facts and notes that HAT can help bundle transportation costs into your Hawaii vacation budget and itinerary. We use only local vendors and operate safe, personalized custom secrethawaiitours.com on a purely locally inspired mission to help Hawaii visitors fulfill their Hawaii vacation dreams and support local businesses.

Tune in for big news and fresh insight on our next Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast.