Should you worry about the weather on your Hawaii Vacation?

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As more and more visitors arrive in Hawaii with the reopening of Hawaii tourism, Aloha Bruce talks about the weather in Hawaii and what you can reasonably expect during your stay on the latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce says that he’s in his “happy place”, busily helping people plan their perfect Hawaii vacation as more and more flock to the shores of the Aloha State.

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Aloha Bruce says that he has been getting a lot of questions from visitors about the weather in Hawaii as we roll into winter. He notes that by most standards Hawaii doesn’t’ really have a “winter”, as our average daily temperature stays within a 10-degree range throughout the year, all of it pleasant. Of course, the peaks of Mauna Kea on the Big Island and Haleakala on Maui receive occasional snowfall, but that is unlikely to affect the vast majority of Hawaii visitors.

Bruce goes on to explain that part of the weather in Hawaii includes a “volcanic shielding effect”, which allows for different environments and microclimates. It is possible to go skiing and surfing in the same day. He explains how Hawaii’s prevailing trade winds work and act as our “air conditioner”. Bruce says the “the worst day in Hawaii is much better than a bad day wherever your coming from”. He explains that it is unlikely that rainfall will dominate your vacation, and that most often rain is localized and passing with the trades

He also mentions HAT’s sister company Secret Hawaii Tours has almost never had to cancel a tour because of weather in Hawaii or rain. “And we’re happy to offer a rain check!” Bruce says. The topic of “Kona Weather” comes up, when the trade winds back off and muggier weather moves in, often with rain. He mentions volcanic haze, or “vog”, when visibility drops, and how it can affect people with respiratory issues.

Aloha Bruce talks about ocean water temperature, which is always comfortable, and the seasonal wave activity that makes the North Shore of Oahu so famous and the home of “The Eddie”, the most prestigious big wave surfing contest in the world. Bruce also talks about some of Hawaii’s safest beaches and the presence of world-class Ocean Safety lifeguards at many Hawaii beaches.

Bruce reminds visitors that Hawaii can get very cold at higher elevations and recommends visitors prepare for colder weather if planning to make the trek.

But ultimately, “I don’t want you to worry about it,” Bruce says. It’s highly unlikely that the weather will ruin your Hawaii vacation.

(Bruce also teases an exciting, upcoming announcement about the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, so stay tuned!)