Unique Hawaii Experiences for Your Hawaiian Getaway

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Aloha Bruce Fisher offers his take on unique Hawaii experiences on this new Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast after a brief update on the devastation of Maui wildfires. He notes that the Hyatt Regency Maui has been a hub of relief efforts in West Maui. “Tourism is kind of on hold,” Bruce says of efforts to house displaced residents, families, and disaster relief personnel. He breaks down the conflict between Maui’s reliance on tourism and the island’s need to allocate resources to recovery from an unthinkable tragedy.

Hawaii remains open and welcomes visitors. Bruce offers some of his top recommendations for unique Hawaii experiences that won’t interfere with the extensive recovery efforts needed to address the historical, human, and cultural damage from the Maui wildfires.

Get out and explore!

“Step out of the resort confines!” Bruce says. “You pay a lot of money to get these oceanfront rooms and you’re only in the room for five minutes a day.” Go out and support a local café. Take a private tour. Trust local wisdom.

Bruce shares unique Hawaii experiences like seahorse wrangling and cow-hugging on Hawaii Island. Also, as a dedicated cat parent, he also throws in a plug for the internet-famous Lanai Cat Sanctuary, cheekily known as the “Fur Seasons.” Bruce also recommends an organic bee honey operation near Kona.

On Oahu, Bruce offers Nisshodo Mochiya in Kalihi, a traditional Japanese candy store with a wide selection of mochi and other sweet treats. “They’ve been doing for 100 years,” Bruce says. “You can Uber there.”

Embrace Hawaiian Culture

Doing culturally immersive things in Hawaii are key to having unique Hawaii experiences. Many Hawaii hotels and resorts teach lei-making. “Go ahead. Make a lei. Relax.” Bruce also encourages visitors to get out into Hawaii’s green places like the Greenwell Farms. Oh, and don’t forget about Hawaii stargazing!

“You should be taking a cooking class,” Bruce says. The Hawaiian Style Cooking Class in Waikiki provides the kind of immersive Hawaii experience he recommends. “You want to take a deep dive into some Hawaiian culinary experiences.” The Aloha Plate Food Tour is another great way to explore “Hawaiian grinds”.

There are many ways to explore unique Hawaii experiences, Bruce says. Hawaii Aloha Travel will get you onto the adventures you’re after.