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Aloha Bruce is talking about Maui pros and cons on this Hawaii Vacation Podcast Labor Day holiday episode of Monday, September 5, 2022 (Bruce is always working!). Bruce says Hawaii Aloha Travel is receiving a large volume of calls about a December Hawaii vacation as prices are quite high right now.

Hawaii Vacation News

Into some recent Hawaii visitor news, Bruce notes Hawaii’s gradual emergence from the pandemic and the return of a street festival along Waikiki Beach Walk in September and October. It will feature free outdoor entertainment and vendors. Bruce moves on to talk about severe drought conditions and high temperatures in Hawaii and particularly on Maui. He recalls his early days in radio in Hawaii and says that in the twenty years since, it has become much hotter. Brush fires are a major concern as well. Bruce offers simple tips for saving water in your hotel/resort/condo. Bruce says to check that a vacation condo comes with air conditioning as temperatures are rising in the coming months.

Bruce moves on to answer a Facebook travel support group question about booking tickets for a Pearl Harbor Tour. “Make sure you go to a ‘dot-gov” site!” Bruce explains some potential snags in getting tickets and how to avoid them by getting them early.

Maui Pros and Cons

Maui Pros and Cons are up next. Bruce shares his unique perspective as a 22-year veteran booking Maui vacations. He recommends Maui for families and couples especially and notes scenic attractions like Iao Valley. “Maui in general has a lot of pristine beauty”, noting the many farms and ranches on the Valley Isle. Bruce says that Maui is “not as country as Kauai and not as lively as Oahu” and strikes a good balance between the two.

Our host recalls his first trip to the summit of Haleakala. He also says that Maui is great for “foodies” and mentions the Surfing Goat Dairy and other attractions found all over the island. The Maui Ocean Center is among many activities that are great for kids, and Bruce says that most hotels and resorts offer keiki activities and programs.

Among the “pros” for a Maui vacation is that Maui has the most swimmable beaches, Bruce says, as well as some of the best snorkeling. He also says that Maui has more accommodations options. Maui is family friendly and also perfect for a romantic getaway.

Of Maui pros and cons, Bruce says Maui requires a lot of driving, and that while it increases in popularity it is getting more “touristy” and is the most expensive island to visit. “It’s getting really expensive over there. And it is getting a lot more touristy than in the past.”

Bruce suggests Oahu and Kauai visitors connect with Secret Hawaii Tours for a private tour experience unlike any other. Aloha!

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