Choosing Hawaii Activities out of your Comfort Zone

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Hawaii activities and getting out of your “comfort zone” are the topics as Aloha Bruce comes in hot to the studio on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. “You can use your Hawaii vacation as a catalyst for change.”

There are many attractions that “everybody does”, Bruce says, but there can be much more to a Hawaii vacation than the tropes and traps that many thousands of visitors flock to every day. He offers some Hawaii activities that go beyond the expected and can change the way we look at the world.

Bruce’s recent trip to Maui prompts an enthusiastic waterfall repelling recommendation. “I banged into the mountain a couple of times, but I’m going to do it again!” Bruce says. He also drops props about manta ray dives on Hawaii Island.

“Just get out in the ocean and take a surf lesson! It doesn’t matter if you fall off!” Bruce is passionate about getting into the ocean for Snuba or snorkleling or scuba excursions. He also hints at a trip to Lanai Island and a visit to the wonderful cat sanctuary there. And also the Garden of Eden State Park.

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“It does take trust,” Bruce says. “We want to create out of the box experiences for people.” The point is that there are many more Hawaii activities to explore beyond Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, and Diamond Head.

Hawaii cuisine is up next, with Aloha Bruce encouraging visitors to try new food experiences. “You have to get out of your comfort zone in the food department. Eat some raw fish.” Bruce’s pride for Hawaii food comes into clear focus with a nod to his podcasts with local and international celebrity and Great Food Truck Race winner Lanai Tabura. “Try some poi! At least you gave it a shot.”

Special events like the upcoming Bon Dance Festival or lei-making classes are key to planning genuine Hawaii activities. “Take a little bit of time to immerse yourself in where you are.” Hawaii Aloha Travel does it all. “From end to end, we’re going to help you with the whole process. Engage with us!