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Aloha Bruce returns to the studio to offer some keen local knowledge and practical advice about Hawaii honeymoon budgeting on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce says straight away that planning a Hawaii honeymoon takes a lot of work, that the pandemic forced the postponement or cancellation of many Hawaii honeymoons, and that your best bet is to work with a travel advisor like Hawaii Aloha Travel. Bruce notes that people who booked their Hawaii honeymoon with HAT over the past three years were much better off because we are here in Hawaii. “They really fared a lot better!”

Bruce then suggests booking a Hawaii honeymoon during the “shoulder season”, March through May and September through Thanksgiving to save money on your Hawaii honeymoon budgeting. Bruce discusses booking vacation condos and the benefits of working with management companies rather than individual owners.

Up next is room choice when considering Hawaii honeymoon budgeting. Bruce points out that garden view rooms rather than ocean view are another way save money. He also discusses renting a vehicle and ways to save on transportation. Also, Bruce says, “Spend as much time here as you can! You came all the way here!”

Hawaii honeymoon budgeting should also consider food and beverage costs. Bruce moves on to talk about other inexpensive options like bicycling, especially in Lahaina on Maui. He warns against trying to visit multiple islands if you want to save money. He also recommends using travel-branded credit cards like the ones from Delta Airline and Chase.

Bruce brings up honeymoon “wish lists” and suggests putting gift cards on your honeymoon gift list. Hawaii honeymoon budgeting should consider the costs of airfare and Bruce breaks down typical costs of an average 8-day Maui honey and activities like luau and snorkeling trips. Bruce keeps it real about how much you can expect to spend. “Hawaii is just not cheap,” he says. “It can get really crazy.” He talk about the range of prices for Hawaii honeymoon budgeting.

Bruce says that staying on Oahu can provide both a lot of activity as well as quiet accommodations and dining and activities outside of Waikiki. He says the typical Hawaii honeymoon is 7-8 nights, but he recommends staying for 10 days to make the most of your experience. “If you do right, you’re going to get the right price.