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Host Aloha Bruce Fisher is offering some solid advice on avoiding common Hawaii vacation mistakes on this newest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Simple slip-ups can put an unnecessary damper on an otherwise wonderful Hawaii Vacation. Bruce mentions the Juneteenth holiday and offers his best wishes for all of the dads out there on this Fathers Day 2023.

First up, Bruce gives some news about Honolulu’s “Skyline” rail service set to open service in the coming days. “I think it’s really gonna help commuters,” Bruce says. “It’s here. We’ve got to make the best of it.” Bruce also mentions a Yahoo Finance article that discusses the costs of moving to Hawaii (expect to need about $100,000 per year!). “People do it cheaper,” Bruce notes. He recalls talking with a couple that just moved to Hawaii from Seattle who are shocked by high prices here.

On to the main topic of common Hawaii vacation mistakes, Bruce urges Hawaii visitors to “leave the mainland attitude on the mainland”. Certainly, you’ve spent a lot of money on a Hawaii vacation and can fairly expect to get what you paid for. But an attitude of entitlement will not go over well with residents and workers you’ll encounter during your vacation.

Also, “Don’t touch any of the wildlife!” Bruce says, mentioning sea turtles and monk seals. He also notes that taking lava rocks and other such items out of the state is against the law. Bruce urges visitors to engage in Hawaii culture, mentioning museums and other activities beyond the beach. “Don’t make your vacation revolve around a resort.”

Bruce moves on to talk about Hawaii’s unique dining options, including a thriving food truck culture. He mentions the concept of “Malama Hawaii”, which is an effort to encourage respect Hawaii’s people and cultures. He mentions driving etiquette in Hawaii and the dangers of road rage being one of the common Hawaii vacation mistakes. He also notes a couple of recent incidents of tourists driving their rental vehicles into the ocean!

He advises visitors to take online reviews about Hawaii hotels, restaurants, and activities with a grain of salt and to trust the recommendations of Hawaii locals, who know better than anyone the best of the best. “There needs to be some serious planning,” Bruce says about a Hawaii vacation.

Bruce urges visitors get travel insurance and be aware of cancellation policies, reservation documents, and other important practices for a Hawaii vacation. He mentions Hawaii guidebooks and suggests instead using a few phone apps that he recommends for researching a Hawaii vacation.

Also, “Pack light!” He mentions the importance of researching your accommodations and the pricing for different types of properties. “Be careful. Don’t be swayed by keywords and buzzwords like ‘budget’ and ‘discount’.” Hawaii is, Bruce says, an expensive destination. Look into local options like Secret Hawaii Tours and the Hawaii Aloha Travel Waikiki condominium at the Luana Waikiki. Locals know best!

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