Common mistakes made by Hawaii visitors

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Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura are back in the socially-distanced studio for the latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast to discuss common social mistakes made by Hawaii visitors. Bruce and Lanai says “We’re still here!!”, still booking travel and offering expert local tours from Secret Hawaii Tours despite the current travel restrictions.

Lanai talks about the importance of being aware of water safety during a Hawaii vacation. He recalls a number of instances where visitors were badly hurt or died due to a lack of ocean safety awareness. “You gotta respect the ocean,” he says.

Lanai also talks about the importance of respecting the land, the “aina”. He says the land itself needs to be respected. Bruce adds that Hawaii’s people should be respected and visitors should leave their “mainland attitudes” at home. Lanai says, “This isn’t Cancun.”

Our hosts note the unwritten “Don’t Honk Your Horn Unless It’s an Emergency Rule” in Hawaii. They about how much of a problem littering is in Hawaii. Bruce puts it simply: “Just don’t do stupid things!” Lanai makes the point that visitors should consider how they would behave when invited to someone’s home.

Bruce says it’s also important not to over-plan a Hawaii vacation, and to get out of Waikiki and interact with locals. Lanai and Bruce encourage visitors to eat locally and avoid fast-food chains. The cultural aspect of Hawaii is a vital part of a Hawaii vacation and our hosts mention the Bishop Museum on Oahu.

Our hosts also encourage visitors to get out of their comfort zone and do things like take a surfing lesson or go skydiving. Lanai notes that Secret Hawaii Tour offers private surf lessons and other personal tours. “You don’t want to make the mistake of missing out on your vacation.”

Aloha Bruce and Lanai also recommend Lanai’s “It’s a Hawaii Thing” podcast, and talk about some of the local, national, and international celebrities he has on as guests. Travel may be restricted, but Hawaii Aloha Travel and Secret Hawaii Tours are hard at work helping visitors plan their perfect Hawaii vacation.