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On this episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast, host Aloha Bruce dives into a Guide to Kauai with some insider tips about the best places to visit and experience on the Garden Isle, with some local favorite eateries thrown into the mix. Bruce focuses on Kauai hiking trails, beaches, and cultural/historical sites, and he shares some of his expert recommendations for exploring the lush, rugged expanses of the oldest of Hawaii’s main islands and its glorious coastline.

Bruce starts with some tips on flying into Lihue Airport. It’s easy to get to, and it’s an international airport. Bruce also breaks down the best time of year to visit, and talks about the areas of Poipu, Waimea Canyon, Kapaa and others on Kauai.

Up first among many hikes is Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Bruce talks about the Out and Back Trail, the Waimea Canyon Trail, and shares his advice about the “moderate” hikes and what to expect in the terrain. (“I always have my walking stick.”) The Pihea Trail is another that is challenging, Bruce says, “But, man! The views of Na Pali!”

The Awa’awapuhi Trail (Ah-va-Ah-va-Poo-hee) is next, a 6.2 mile trek through the forest and along the Waimea Canyon rim. “It’s kind of challenging when you get to some of the sections there.” The Kukui Trail is another Bruce discusses, which ends down at the Wailua River. He makes an important point about the challenges of the trail itself and arranging transportation between the trail head and its endpoint.

Bruce moves on to some of Kauai’s best beaches on this Guide to Kauai. Poipu Beach is one of Kauai’s most popular (and famous) beaches on the south side of the Garden Isle, with several beaches in close proximity. Brenneke’s Beach is great for surfriding of all kinds. Shipwreck Beach is at the western end of Poipu is great for picnicking but not great for swimming, Bruce says. Lawae beach comes up, east of Poipu and features calm waters, with Bruce mentioning the Hyatt as a great place to stay in Poipu.

The podcast moves on to historical and cultural sites in South Kauai, and Bruce recommends the Kilohana Plantation (great for kids) and its exceptional luau. Bruce also mentions a great museum in Kokee that’s also ideal for families.

Bruce then gets into his top eateries on Kauai, with Mark’s Place in Lihue for starters. Bruce breaks down the excellent (and huge) plate lunches there and notes that “it’s a little, tiny place!” Hamura’s Saimin Stand is also in Lihue and has been there for about 60 years and is very friendly. The Koloa Fishmarket has many local shops and is a great place to hang out and enjoy “some of the best poke that I’ve had”. The Kauai Family Café in Kapaa is quietly famous for their comfort food and homemade pies.

Bruce then expresses the importance for visitors to stay safe on this Guide to Kauai. He notes recent trends and statistics and talks about the impact of Malama Hawaii, or respective Hawaii’s culture and natural environment. Other health and safety tips are noted, with Bruce saying that “these things are just common sense.”

“Trust me when I tell you,” Bruce says. Kauai has everything, and he mentions the Kauai Childrens Discover Center as perfect for families and kids. “There’s just so many things for kids to do!”

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