When’s the best time to visit Hawaii?

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When’s the best time to visit Hawaii? There are various factors to consider when planning and timing your Hawaii vacation. For some visitors, it’s the weather, For others it’s about price and for some it’s simply the vacation days they have because they can’t be flexible because of school or work.

We talk about all of these factors, as well as seasonal activities that happen only during certain times of the year, like humpback whale watching on Maui and the North shore winter season of big waves and professional surfing competitions on Oahu.
We also talk about the best deals to be had, usually during the “shoulder season”. Typically, we see the best deals in May and Oct. We also see good deals is the beginning of December. Booking IN ADVANCE is the key to great deals for Hawaii, it’s different than other destinations, where you may find last minute deals.

Flights to Hawaii can often be cheaper in January or February than during the typical high seasons between June and August and during the months of winter. Hotel rooms in Hawaii are typically the cheapest from September through mid-December.

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

For those looking for the best weather, rainfall is at its lowest in Hawaii from April through September. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 3. In terms of visitor arrivals, July is typically the busiest. December is the second-busiest month, as visitors from cold weather locations around the world flock to Hawaii’s shores to flee Old Man Winter and enjoy nearly year-round sunshine.

Tune in to our podcast, as we share our extensive local knowledge about the best time of year to visit Hawaii. Whether you’re concerned about the weather, seasonal activities, or the best time of year to find the best air and hotel deals, we’ll share our unsurpassed expertise.