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This Sunday March 20, 2022 episode of the Hawaii Vacation focuses on Maui Must Do’s, activities, and dining Maui visitors should make a point of experiencing. Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are following up with Part 2 of a Maui-focused discussion that began with last week’s episode.

Bruce offers an update on changes in Hawaii travel, particularly the lifting of the Hawaii Safe Travels restrictions and requirements (including indoor masking) beginning at 11:59pm March 29, Bruce says that the lifting of those restrictions is already seeing a spike in prices. “You can expect that there’s going to be a rush,” says Bruce. He also says that some hotels are already seeing 2023 dates filling up. Yaling says she has seen prices rise almost by the hour. Book now!

Bruce discusses a recent study that looks into the best places to live in Hawaii for students, with Maunawili in Windward Oahu topping the list. Honolulu-proper comes in second with an A-minus rating. In third place is Kailua, and Bruce notes the other Hawaii towns making the list.

The Restaurant of the Week focuses on Maui Must Do’s restaurants, with “The Restaurant” at the Wailea. Our hosts discuss the dishes they enjoyed, which included fresh Hamachi and a “huge!” lamb shank. Bruce recommends making reservations in the garden section.

Mama’s Fish House is up next, where Bruce says it can be tough to get reservations. Paiea Fish Market is popular with locals and visitors at several locations. Lineage in Wailea is noted for some of its specialty items. GuriGuri, the Tin Roof, and Miko’s are also mentioned as delicious “hole-in-the-wall” places visitors will enjoy.

The topic moves onto Maui Must Do’s. Bruce says that ziplining is one activity that is exciting, and Yaling recalls one memorable experience. Ziplining can be scary, Bruce says, and he recalls one woman who overcame her fear and had the time of her life. Our hosts mention several reputable and safe ziplining outfits.

Another one of Maui Must Do’s is snorkeling. Yaling, who is trepidatious in the ocean, enjoyed snorkeling at Molokini Island and describes her experience. Bruce notes that he noticed fewer fish than he saw on his last trip to Molokini. Bruce and Yaling were thrilled to see humpback whales and a calf breeching.

Bruce also says that a trip up to Haleakala is absolutely a Maui Must do (and to “just eat the local food!!”).

The conversation moves onto the Hyatt Regency on Maui, where Bruce and Yaling were impressed by the renovations made at the resort and offer details about improvements that have been made to the property, including a penguin secretary. Bruce says that “it isn’t as quaint as it used to be” but notes changes that have made the rooms even more comfortable. Our hosts recommend signing up for “The Regency Club” which comes with added meal benefits. It comes with a price of $50 per room per day, and Bruce offers his budgeting tips. “All the hotels are expensive to eat at.”

The Fairmont Kealani is up next on the this Maui Must Do’s, and Bruce offers his assessment of the new renovations there. Bruce talks about the Four Seasons and other high-end properties, and our hosts promise more Maui insights on upcoming podcasts and Secret Hawaii Tour reservations.