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Hawaii vacation prices are a hot topic right now, and Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are talking about them on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. Our hosts first give a shout-out to HAT Facebook group page members and the high volume of quality engagement going on there. Over 400 comments recently about food!

A long wait at Koko Head Café kept Bruce and Yaling from dropping in this weekend (they’ll be back). Bruce offers the latest in Hawaii tourism news, including the return of the Pride of America cruise ship launching and requiring full vaccination. Bruce notes that the cruise launched at half-capacity and that two of its specialty restaurants are closed out of an abundance of caution. “I think it’s smart that they’re doing it the way they’re doing it,” says Bruce. Bruce mentions the recent HBO Max hit show White Lotus, and mentions a boat featured in one episode, the Vida Mia, which is partnering with the Honolulu Coffee Company for a breakfast cruise.

Bruce move on to the main topic of Hawaii vacation prices, which he says are dependent on availability. “Is a Hawaii vacation too expensive?” Bruce asks, and he offers some input from podcast listeners and Facebook group members that are across the spectrum. He says that food prices are a main concern. Yaling offers that the prices are the same, but portions are smaller.

Our hosts talk about the benefits and drawbacks of time-shares, noting that a Maui colleague who books condos says demand is maxed out. Moving on to concrete details about Hawaii vacation prices, Bruce says that the average Hawaii vacation averages out to about $275 per person. Bruce breaks that down into meals and transportation costs and the vacation total for a vacation party of two.

Keeping it real, Bruce says that a family of four should budget $10K for a week-long Hawaii vacation. Our hosts talk about hotel room pricing, which is “up” with demand. Bruce makes comparisons to other popular vacation destinations around the world when it comes to the costs of accommodations. Yaling makes a comparison between pricing for Hawaii residents vacationing in New York City to Big Apple residents vacationing in Hawaii.

Different Hawaii vacation prices for Neighbor Islands are discussed as well in this latest episode. Bruce offers some specifics about recent Oahu bookings in July. A September booking for Kauai is noted. “We’re talking about everything here,” Bruce says, “all in.” Simply put “pricing is all over the place!”

Bruce also makes the important point that Hawaii vacation pricing is changing all the time, daily. Shopping for deals can be frustrating. If you have your budget set, “Just do it!” says Bruce. Hawaii Aloha Travel is here to find you the best available Hawaii vacation prices to fit you budget.