Here’s why Hawaii vacation prices are so expensive – What can you do?

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Aloha Bruce takes a deep dive into Hawaii vacation prices on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. First up, however, Bruce muses about a Chat GPT response to a question about artificial intelligence replacing travel agents. The answer will likely surprise you.

On to the main topic of Hawaii vacation prices and a recent Travel Weekly article about the topic. About rising Hawaii vacation prices, Bruce talks about a major surge in demand for Hawaii vacations as the pandemic recedes. That high demand is a major driver of the price hikes we are seeing here.

Bruce moves on to discuss how this affects airfares and the decisions airlines make about developing or scrapping certain Hawaii routes. “Prices are significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels,” he notes. Despite the high cost, demand remains extremely high. He also notes that higher prices reflect a growing concern about sustainable tourism as demand grows.

“Everything costs more here,” says Bruce, noting that the vast majority of goods in Hawaii are imported. He also discusses clients being unable to afford a Hawaii vacation. Bruce keeps it real and talks honestly about Hawaii vacation prices, the cost of airfare, and the basic cost of living in Hawaii.

Bruce explains the reasons for a lower inventory of available accommodations, and he gets into the reality of high taxes and fees that come into play on a Hawaii vacation. Hawaii has some of the highest taxes and fees in the US. “These added expenses are going to make Hawaii more expensive than other visitor destinations,” Bruce says.

Bruce also talks about the increase in the cost of activities like luau and organized tours. “Everything in that lane has gone up!” The only consolation, Bruce says, is the huge number of activities you can do on your own, like National and State parks. “I get it, guys! It’s expensive to live here!”

That’s the reality, Bruce says. “But you know what? It’s going to be worth it!”