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The cost of a Hawaii vacation is one of the first questions when consulting clients about their trips. While Hawaii is known to be an expensive destination, proper planning can make a Hawaiian vacation affordable and achievable for most people who want to visit the islands. There are several factors to consider when budgeting, so it’s a good idea to get a head start and plan at least eight months in advance.

The following information will help you get a realistic budget set so that you can come up with a ballpark idea of the cost and start planning. 

A Simple Formula 

Here’s a straightforward approach to estimating your expenses when working on your budget. Begin with the essentials, which include considering airfare, accommodations, and ground transportation. Additionally, create an all-inclusive budget that accounts for the entire vacation. Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen expenses can arise, so it’s wise to allocate extra funds to prevent exceeding your budget. 

Here’s a simple formula to estimate the per-person cost of a vacation to Hawaii:
Airfare + Accommodations + Transportation = Basic ballpark.

Once you’ve calculated the basic costs, add $150.00 per person for each day you spend in Hawaii. While that may seem like a lot, this amount will cover everything else you’ll be spending on your vacation, including meals, taxes, gas, incidentals, and gifts.

Using the above formula, here’s a typical example of an estimated per-person cost for a 6-night 7-day Vacation for two from the East Coast to Oahu.

AirfareCost per PersonTotal for 2 People
Accommodations (6 nights)$375.00/night$2,250
Car Rental (7 days)$75.00/day$525
Daily Spend Per Person$150.00/day$1,050
Total Ballpark Price$2,762.50$5,525
Calculation of Hawaii Vacation Cost

Cost-saving tips:

  • Book Flights Early: Flights to Hawaii are a major expensive part of your trip.  Typically, you can secure the best deals by booking your flights at least six months in advance. 
  • Consider using a professional service like ours. We have access to all the airlines that fly to Hawaii and have contracted rates with hotels. We also offer bundled packages, which can provide even more savings.
  • Take advantage of Travel Protection: Travel protection isn’t just about having insurance for when something goes wrong. Companies like ours also offer price protection, allowing you to lock in a great rate. If the price drops, we can adjust it or cancel the booking.
  • Be flexible on dates. Consider choosing dates during the shoulder season, from mid-April to early June, when rates are less expensive. If you’re planning a trip during a holiday, think about coming a week before or after the holiday. If you have children, consider taking them out of school early.
  • Consider a Vacation Rental: The vacation rental market in Hawaii is quite different from other destinations. Several laws are in place that restrict these properties. However, finding a suitable condo vacation rental can save significantly on meals, especially if you have a large family.
  • Free Activities:  Take advantage of the many free activities in Hawaii, such as swimming, hiking, cultural activities, town strolls, and window shopping. Most properties charge a resort fee, which often includes valuable activities and events taking place at the resort. 

Remember that Hawaii vacation prices fluctuate regularly, so it’s crucial to stay informed and be prepared to make bookings when you find a deal that fits your budget.

In conclusion, a family vacation to Hawaii can be an unforgettable experience that brings loved ones closer together. By planning ahead, making smart choices, and embracing the island’s diverse offerings, you can create cherished memories without breaking the bank. So, don’t delay—start planning your Hawaii family vacation today! Aloha!

We’re here to help, check out our All-Inclusive Hawaii Packages or get help with airfare, picking hotels or activities. If it’s in Hawaii we can make it happen.

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