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You may be wondering when you come for a Hawaii Vacation is it possible to just hop on a plane and go to another island. It’s a common question and when we got from a Facebook friend this week. Well the answer is yes and no. We usually recommend that people plan these kinds of trips in advance because sometimes flights are limited and that can mean higher costs if you wait until you get here. That being said, if you’re the spontaneous type and can be flexible with your flight times. you certainly can island hop. Verify drive packages that allow you to fly to an island pickup car and fly back the same day.

Ever heard of Hawaiian sea salt? Kim, one of our Facebook users, has a question about where she can find some here in the islands. It’s called Alaea and is made with an ingredient of the same name which is harvested from Hawaiian clay. The Alaea is tasteless however it does in enrich the salt. Because it’s made up of large granular coarse crystals it holds less moisture. It’s a healthy alternative to table salt. It’s available readily all over the islands but it can be found at the local drugstore called Longs.

It’s Earth Day and the means were focused a lot on the environment and sustainability of protecting mother Earth. Over the weekend we checked out a store that has this philosophy called blue Hawaii lifestyle. Today we share any of that we took over there with a friend of ours, Uber Geek and foddie Mike Prasad.

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