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Hawaii Aloha Travel and Aloha Bruce were along for a tour of the Southwest Airlines baggage and customer service operation at Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport this week and Bruce shares the story of Southwest in Hawaii and current Hawaii travel news in this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. It’s been a bit rainy for a spell now, and Bruce shares some facts about how and when weather might affect your Hawaii vacation. “It is really windy here today!”

A mysterious “blue spiral” was observed by the National Observatory of Japan from its Subaru Telescope on Mauna Kea recently, prompting speculation about UFO’s and such. Bruce explains it was the latest SpaceX launch. “I’m sorry! There’s no UFOs.” Ka’aloa Super J’s Authentic Hawaiian Restaurant in Captain Cook and Adela’s Country Eatery In Kaneohe in Hawaii made it to the high end of a couple of Yelp rakings. “Broke the mouth!”

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Bruce moves on to current Hawaii hotel rates and how they are dropping as properties try to keep occupancy high as demand levels off after a busy season. Bruce offers key insights into the factors that go into the rates for accommodation in Hawaii. He notes Maui as an example of higher prices and that operators there are concerned about the impact of runaway pricing. “It should bring those prices down.”

On to the recent tour of Southwest in Hawaii at HNL, Bruce says that the airline is working to cater to the local interisland market. “I was quite impressed with the improvements.” The new setup’s accessibility to the TSA and its baggage handling system have made interisland travel more convenient. Hawaii surfers will be happy to learn that boards fly free interisland for Hawaii residents. “It seems like an easier process to me.”

The tour of Southwest in Hawaii also included a look at the advanced “T Point” baggage system the airline now has in place to make the TSA “belly of the beast” more accessible and hassle-free in a process that usually takes 25 minutes. Bruce breaks it all down with his reliable humor and insight about the truth of planning a Hawaii vacation.