Things you don’t need to bring on your Hawaiian Vacation

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Aloha Bruce is talking about things you don’t need to bring to Hawaii on this Sunday, August 21, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. (Leave more room for stuff to bring home!) Bruce starts off with some Hawaii travel news, including a special deal at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki that includes breakfast and a resort credit available at HAT.

Bruce notes the reopening of the Nahuku Lava Tube on Hawaii Island, known also as the Thurston Lava Tube. It was closed recently due to concerns of a roof collapse but has been deemed safe for visitors after careful monitoring. It is one of the many highlights of Volcanoes National Park, and Bruce shares some tips about visiting it safely.

A tourism construction moratorium on Maui is discussed as the Valley Isle tries to cope with over-tourism. Bruce discusses some proposed measures like parking fees for visitors and encouraging the use of public transportation. Bruce also mentions tonight’s Kamau Bell Hawaii “United Shades of America” special on CNN that will examine, as Bruce puts, “how to come to Hawaii without being an ‘A-hole”.

“I am in the industry in Hawaii,” Bruce says. “I can tell you that you will be welcomed in Hawaii.” This leads to a discussion about HAT’s Facebook group question of “What cultural experience do you plan on partaking in when you come to Hawaii?” Most Hawaii hotels and resorts include native Hawaiian cultural experiences.

Bruce shares his experience in learning about lei-making and discusses visiting historical sites like Iolani Palace and Bishop Museum. Ukulele lessons are also popular with visitors, Bruce notes. Activities involved in “voluntourism” are described, as well as organized luau and hula lessons. “A lot of the hotels are going to have that for you.” Bruce moves on to discuss Hawaii festivals, including September’s Aloha Festivals. The Duke Oceanfest is currently underway, and Bruce also suggests surfing lessons.

On to the topic of things you don’t need to bring to Hawaii, Bruce says you don’t need to pack too much clothing, noting Hawaii’s casual lifestyle and warm climate. Heavy coats aren’t necessary unless you plan to go to high-altitude locations. Bruce also says you don’t need to bring things like scuba gear and beach gear and toys, as they are readily available for affordable rentals pretty much everywhere.

Hawaii vacation planning will always involve packing. That’s why it’s important to know the things you don’t need to bring to Hawaii. Travel light, live aloha!

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