Tips for visiting Iolani Palace on Oahu

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Our newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast digs deep into the history of Iolani Palace. Hawaii experts Bruce Fisher and Lanai Tabura share their vast knowledge about the only royal palace in the United States. Our hosts start off with some common mistakes that Hawaii visitors make while planning a Hawaii vacation, and how Hawaii Aloha Travel can help plan vacations on all islands.

Bruce and Lanai discuss upcoming CNN news features that Lanai worked on that are set to air soon about Iolani Palace. Iolani is one of the subjects of one of the CNN stories. Lanai says that King David Kalakaua admired the Victorian style that is featured at the palace. Lanai says the king was a world traveler who loved San Francisco and its architecture.

Lanai notes that Iolani Palace has a flushing toilet, telephone, and electricity before the White House in Washington DC did. The king was a friend of Thomas Edison, who helped with the installation of electricity in Iolani Palace.

Our hosts discuss the extravagant parties held at the palace, and the usage of four gates to the palace for royals, guests, and workers. Lanai discusses large windows that served as mirrors for female guests of palace events, and the use of expansive balconies that go all around the palace.

Lanai mentions a former cemetery on the palace grounds, and that all of the royals once buried there have been moved to the Royal Mausoleum, Mauna Ala, in nearby Nuuanu. Bruce and Lanai talk about the various tours offered at Iolani Palace, including a guided private tour and other exclusive experiences there.

Our hosts agree that a trip to Iolani Palace is a must-see for Oahu visitors, and a perfect way to spend a rainy day indoors. Bruce mentions an audio tour that is available at the palace. He also mentions a sweet fragrance of plumeria that is said to smell like Queen Liliuokalani and is known to blow in during certain wind patterns.

Bruce and Lanai note that two of Hawaii Aloha Travel’s tours take visitors to the grounds of Iolani Palace as part of the half-island and circle-island tours. Lanai reminds listeners that locals provide the best advice for planning a Hawaii vacation, and that the experts at Hawaii Aloha Travel are dedicated to and specialize in planning customized tours and experiences for Hawaii visitors.