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Aloha Bruce is talking about the Best Hawaii Snacks on this Hawaii Vacation Podcast. It’s a favorite topic among members of the Hawaii Aloha Travel online community, and Bruce is keen to offer his enthusiasm for Hawaii foods.

Up first is a quick breakdown of Hawaii vacation news, beginning with a proposed “Climate Impact Fee” that will charge a $50 per Hawaii visitor fee to help fight back against the potential impact of climate change. “They’re trying to tackle over-tourism in Hawaii,” says Bruce, noting the importance of attracting respectful visitors. He cites a vocal public pushback against unchecked tourism and notes frontrunner gubernatorial candidate Josh Green’s support of the proposed fee. Bruce also mentions growing concerns over feeding birds, and chickens especially, which have become problematic in public spaces throughout Hawaii.

Up next is the subject of businesses exploiting and capitalizing the “Hawaii” brand, from Maui-style potato chips to “Hawaiian-style” poke bowl shops proliferating on the continent. Bruce notes several examples before moving on to the podcast topic of Best Hawaii Snacks.

Bruce starts with Enjoy Snacks, available at Long’s Drugs (now owned by CVS). He describes arare, a savory soy cracker treat that most anyone who is from Hawaii has known since early childhood. Next up is dried cuttlefish (squid). Bruce describes them as a tasty type of jerky (but you have to like squid!).

Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn is discussed. It’s mixed with a variety of treats, including arare, that you can easily add to a plain batch of popped kernels. Bruce shares his love of manapua, a steamed or baked pastry filled with various meats and vegetables. It’s among the quintessentially best Hawaii snacks. Bruce also talks about the abundance of different types of jerky we have in Hawaii: fish jerky, turkey jerky, and kalua pig jerky. Bruce recommends them all.

HAT social media community members have weighed in on their favorite Hawaii snacks and desserts, and Bruce talks about some specific examples. Malasadas are at the top of the list of best Hawaii snacks. Poke is also up there, with the famed “loco-moco” plate lunch, shave ice, Hawaii Coffee Purveyors, and the Hanalei Bakery on Kauai among the discussed favorites.

“I would suspect that you’re going to put on a couple of pounds,” Bruce jokes about the abundance of best Hawaii snacks. Engage with Bruce, the podcast, and the HAT Blog on our social media platforms. We value your input. Mahalo!

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