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Aloha Bruce Fisher shares the benefits of Hawaii vacation bundling. He Shares “why more is better” on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce starts out with an update on the situation in the aftermath of the devastating and deadly Maui wildfires. Governor Josh Green has announced that West Maui will be reopened on October 8th.

“I think that’s a good thing,” Bruce says. Although he wonders about how residents, relief workers, and visitors will be accommodated. He is encouraged by the amazing outpouring of support from around the world for the people of Maui.

The more the merrier!

On to the benefits of Hawaii vacation bundling, Bruce says. “There’s no magic formula for getting the best price.” He notes that using companies like Hawaii Aloha Travel is the best way to find the best deals. Bruce gets into the ways that HAT can offer Hawaii vacation bundling packages. Through wholesale arrangements with various hotels, resorts, and vendors that limit transaction fees.

Bruce goes on to explain the concept of “dynamic packaging” . He explains how HAT makes custom travel packages using, promo codes, and other incentives attractive to visitors. “Think about these kinds of savings!” he says. He offers some examples of offers that add bonus savings to your vacation package. Bruce also talks about the value-added service Hawaii Aloha Travel offers. “Try calling Expedia when anything goes wrong,” he jokes. “See what happens when you do that.” With Hawaii Aloha Travel, you have a local friend to help with your vacation planning. “You only have to think about it once!”

Hawaii Vacation Bundling Advantage

Hawaii vacation bundling also gives visitors a clearer picture of fees and taxes on a Hawaii vacation. Bruce also notes that with Hawaii Aloha Travel, “whatever you book, you’re going to get”. He explains the advantages of bundling with HAT, including monitoring prices. Also, adjusting costs according to market factors often result in lower prices for Hawaii vacation bundling.

Bruce mentions Marriott, Aston Aqua, and Hyatt deals that are now available through Hawaii Aloha Travel. “Take advantage of our all-inclusive packages because we bundle everything in there for you…more is better.”

Check out the newly refurbished HAT website. The site has comprehensive new hotel pages that include accurate hotel fees. Alos, you’ll find other charges that might otherwise slip under your Hawaii vacation planning radar. “We’ve ramped it up a lot!”