Should a Big Island Vacation be included in your Hawaii Vacation Plans?

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Should the Big Island be included in your Hawaii vacation plans? Aloha Bruce is offering expert advice on planning a Big Island vacation on this Thursday, November 3, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. Bruce mentions that the podcast schedule has been skewed due to a recent bout of Covid, after minding a large tour group in Waikiki for ten days. He’s fully vaccinated and boosted. He tested positive, was treated and his symptoms were mild, but quite unpleasant. He’s being vigilant in protecting himself and masking everywhere. “I don’t want to get it again! It freaked me out.”

Bruce offers an update on the HAT website overhaul and its temporary effect on the podcast before moving on to some Big Island vacation news. He discusses the Kona Village “hale” vacation destination opening in 2023, which Bruce says provides an authentic Hawaii vacation experience and discusses some of the amenities included in its previous all-inclusive form.

Bruce briefly addresses the question of legal cannabis use in Hawaii, which requires a medical marijuana license/card and what it takes to get one. He also mentions a planned new tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. “My guess is that they’re not going to have any problem getting the permitting,” he says.

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Up next is the recent volcanic activity at Mauna Loa on the Big Island, which is separate from the recent eruption at the nearby Kilauea Volcano. Bruce explains the possible impact of an eruption, which last occurred in 1984. He says that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is carefully monitoring the situation.

Moving on to Big Island vacation planning, Bruce discusses proposed restrictions to popular nighttime manta ray tours which include safety measures and capacity limits.

Most Big Island visitors are interested in viewing volcanoes and Bruce gets into what it takes to do so. He talks about the factors involved in choosing between Hilo in the north and Kona in the south. Kona is “more touristy” with more activities available than in Hilo, which is several hours away. He mentions the Waikoloa resort area slightly north of Kona and the amenities and beach activities. “It isn’t much for nightlife at all,” Bruce notes.

Discussing Hilo, Bruce notes several hotel properties and various attractions in Hilo and the easier access to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. He offers his expert insight into the benefits and options for a Big Island vacation. “It really gets down to whether or not it works for you and your family,” Bruce says. The Big Island is really, really big!”