Creating your day by day Hawaii Vacation Itinerary

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Aloha Bruce gets into the specifics of creating your day by day Hawaii vacation itinerary on our May 10, 2021 Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, and he starts off by sharing some important information about COVID-19 vaccination status for Hawaii travelers, mainly that vaccination does not yet exempt trans-Pacific travelers from Hawaii’s COVID testing requirements.

Bruce talks about a daily activity approach to planning your Hawaii vacation, noting that you can’t do everything. That’s why it is important to prioritize your activities with a “bucket list” of things you want to do. He mentions a trip to Haleakala or a trip to Hana on Maui as an activity you can do on your own with some simple planning. “It really depends on your particular style,” Bruce says.

Bruce explains smart daily budgeting for a Hawaii vacation, noting that it is important to have a realistic, “all-in” budget and to be flexible with your choices. Ambitious activities like helicopter tours are more expensive than many people expect, Bruce says, so knowing what your priorities are when booking is key. You don’t want to “blow your budget” for just one activity.

The average vacation is a six-night stay, Bruce says, and offers tips for planning around your arrival and departure times. He mentions a variety of activities that are best with an early morning start, how to plan out your days to relax, to make time for a traditional luau, to have an “adventure tour”, and other essential elements of a Hawaii vacation.

Bruce says that because of the pandemic “everything is new again” as visitors return and hotels, restaurants, and businesses welcome people back and public health protocols change. Now is the time to plan and book a Hawaii vacation.