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Family on Waikiki Beach receives tips from Beach Boy

Hawaii’s Best Kid Friendly Hotel Programs

Our main topic on today’s podcast is about kid-friendly hotels in Hawaii. We’re...

Beating the high cost of a Hawaii Family Vacation

On today's show we give you some examples of how much a family vacation is costing these days and offer some ideas how to stretch your budget. Hawaii is one of the most loved destinations in the country for a family vacation. Not only is it a beautiful place to relax and unwind, but it also offers a wide array of activities and accommodations for family members of any age. From shallow hotel pools for toddlers to daycare services at resorts, under 18 clubs, kids meals and group surf lessons, Hawaii has adapted to be a family-friendly environment. The great thing about traveling in groups too is that you can often times find better deals and rates on things like hotel, airfare, and daytime activities. I love booking family vacations because it's as rewarding to me as it is for them. Family satisfaction makes it all worth it!

Fun Picture Talking ideas for your Hawaii Vacation

Photos are THE best way to relive memories, and your vacation to Hawaii will be worth every click of the camera. Whether you're a hobby photographer, professional photographer or social media photographer there are ways to create unique photo opportunities that make for great pictures and also great adventures along the way. With smartphones completely transforming the photo process, it's now easier than ever to click, upload and share your vacation with everyone back home. So with all the time you're saving not having to load your camera, develop the film, then sort through all the junk, why not get creative with some photo ops during your Hawaiian vacation? It'll provide some entertaining days and some even better stories for friends and family back home! To make the process a little easier, we've thought up a handful of our own unique ways to capture moments. And just because you've seen it done before doesn't mean YOU can't do it again yourself! Or, try spinning off our ideas and come up with your own. Either way, don't let those wonderful photo opportunities pass you by, especially when you're in Hawaii. Holding the setting sun This is only successful when you stop trying to get people's faces to light up with a flash. You need to embrace the silhouette. It makes for a more beautiful photo anyways. Try facing your back to the camera and holding your arms loosely above your head with your hands in an open V. Your photographer will move you left or right, up or down till they get the sun directly centered between your palms. Another fun one is “pinching” the sun, which again takes your photographer positioning you perfectly. Or, for a romantic photo, have a couple stand equal distances from the sun (the sun should be in the middle of the couple), facing each other, and leaning in toward one another for a kiss.

Experiencing Hawaii’s History through its Iconic Hotels

Many travelers visit Hawaii for the beaches, tropical weather, and beautiful landscapes but few come for the history. Richly steeped in long standing culture and tradition, the islands of Hawaii have maintained timelessness while still leaving room for development. The first people settled on Hawaiian soil between 400 and 900 A.D., who are believed to have sailed from the Marquesas Islands. The 1800's brought foreigners who sailed to the Hawaiian Islands, bringing with them language, religion, and the influence of their European and American construction. You can still witness the history of Hawaii in various ways. There are extensive museums that document the modernization of the islands, the missionaries who irrevocably changed history, and the ancient ways of the native Hawaiians. However, the history still lives on through some hotels within the islands. Today we're going to give you a few brief narratives about the historic hotels of Hawaii, beginning with quite possibly the most famous of all, The Royal Hawaiian.