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Is a Vacation to Hawaii really worth it?

[quote_left]I bet I know what you’re really thinking: Hawaii is so expensive![/quote_left]… Read More

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What’s a Plate Lunch?

Today it’s all about Plate Lunches in Hawaii, something you just have to… Read More

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Beating the high cost of a Hawaii Family Vacation

On today's show we give you some examples of how much a family vacation is costing these days and offer some ideas how to stretch your budget. Hawaii is one of the most loved destinations in the country for a family vacation. Not only is it a beautiful place to relax and unwind, but it also offers a wide array of activities and accommodations for family members of any age. From shallow hotel pools for toddlers to daycare services at resorts, under 18 clubs, kids meals and group surf lessons, Hawaii has adapted to be a family-friendly environment. The great thing about traveling in groups too is that you can often times find better deals and rates on things like hotel, airfare, and daytime activities. I love booking family vacations because it's as rewarding to me as it is for them. Family satisfaction makes it all worth it! Read More