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If someone wants to enjoy nightlife while in Hawaii, we always encourage them to stay in Waikiki. But where are the best nightclubs in Waikiki? Press play to listen to our classic podcast episode, or read along for the most up-to-date info about partying after-hours in Hawaii. 

How to Plan for Nightclubs in Waikiki

There is no question that Waikiki offers an abundance of nightlife options. Dining, cocktails, live music: Waikiki has it all on practically every block. And sometimes, when you’re letting off steam on vacation, you want to carry on with the revelry beyond the standard 2 am last call. 

Certainly, the men and women working in Waikiki’s food and bar industry often seek a cocktail or two after serving hordes of sunburned punters until that last call.

Fortunately, Waikiki does have a few bars and clubs that cater to that late-night crowd. These bars stay open until 4 am. Some feature live music until the lights come on. The last call is usually before 4 am because it sometimes takes a while to chase out stalwart drinkers, doddling musicians, and people making last-ditch efforts at love.

If you’re inclined to “fly it till the wings fall off” during your stay in Waikiki, keep in mind that, like most anywhere else in the world, more unsavory elements are out on the streets in the small hours. Waikiki is perfectly safe, of course, but anyone not paying attention to their surroundings can fall prey to morally adaptable people.

 Wandering aimlessly around as you look for a late-night establishment is dangerous wherever you are. So, read on to learn about Waikiki Nightclubs and the best late-night bars in the city.

Night Clubs in Waikiki 

The District 

The District is a classic nightclub near Ala Moana Center. They’ve got live music, VIP areas, private karaoke rooms, and a hopping dance floor. It’s typically open until 4 AM and they’ve got special themes certain nights of the week. 

1349 Kapiolani Blvd

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 949-1349

Playbar Nightclub in Waikiki

Playbar is a nightclub in Waikiki that draws a younger crowd. On any given late night, it will likely be filled with 20- and 30-somethings who want to dance. It offers nightly drink specials, which helps to offset the usual cover charge. It’s a dance club, so expect the deejay’s soundtrack to be loud and pulsing.
2310 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815


Fyre by Night 

Fyre by Night is one of the top-rated nightclubs in Waikiki. After 10 PM, ShoreFyre restaurant transforms into a bouncing nightclub with great DJs, flowing drinks, and an outdoor area. They’re open until 2 AM. 

2330 Kalākaua Ave.

Honolulu, HI 96815


After-Hour Bars

Kelly O’Neil’s

If someone wants to enjoy nightlife while in Hawaii, we always encourage them to stay in Waikiki. But where are the best nightclubs in Waikiki?

Other Great Waikiki Bars

Wanting to experience more Waikiki nightlife (even if last call is before 2 AM)? Check out these hot spots during your next Hawaii vacation:

  • Buho Cocina y Cantina is a fun spot in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza that is often open until 12 or 1:30 AM.
  • Bar 35 has a fun nightclub vibe in the wee hours of the morning. It’s sometimes open until 2 AM.
  • Arnold’s Beach Bar is highly rated and has a great location in Waikiki. It’s open until 2 AM with tropical drinks and regular live music. 

Having Fun at Nightclubs in Waikiki

Whether you opt for a laid-back bar or a thumping nightclub, you’re sure to have a fun time after-hours in Waikiki. Plus, it’s a great chance to meet locals who come to hang out after a long day’s work. 

And feel free to sleep in after your all-night partying. The Waikiki beaches will be waiting for your afternoon wake-up call.