Hawaii’s Best Kid Friendly Hotel Programs

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Our main topic on today’s podcast is about kid-friendly hotels in Hawaii. We’re listing the top two resorts that have the best kids’ programs on each major island in the state. Find out which hotel has the best waterslide, cultural activities and amenities, plus did you know many resorts have fun critters on-site for the kids to enjoy? Penguins, parrots, tropical fish- what more could a kid ask for? If you’re thinking about booking a family vacation to Hawaii, be sure to tune in to this podcast! It’ll definitely offer some good insight, plus your kids will thank you too!

It’s just like Hawaii to have cooler weather one week and extremely humid days the next. For the past week we’ve had very still, very muggy and very voggy weather with threats of flash floods and storms heading our way. Still no sign of the storm, but it is early in the winter after all. The days are shortened and the sun sets now before 6pm, leaving the 9 to 5’ers with little light for any sort of outdoor activities after punching the time clock to end the work day. But we can’t complain too much cause hey! We’re in Hawaii!

Last week we had some pretty sensational news topics, but this week is equally entertaining. Hawaiian Airlines decided to hop on the bandwagon and allow the use of portable electronic devices on flights. And the even better news about this is that it’s effective immediately. More on the electronic news scene, the Equus Hotel in Waikiki has just launched a new TextButler service, where guests can get 24-hour service via text messages. Kind of like a personal, electronic concierge that fits right in your pocket!

More from Waikiki, an overhaul has been decided for Hyatt Regency Waikiki, which is likely to last for 18 months. But find out what these renovations include on today’s podcast. Also, after legalizing gay marriage, the state’s destination-wedding industry is expecting a boom in business. Lastly, find out what new shops are slated for Kauai’s Kukui Grove shopping plaza in Lihue. It’s sure to make sports gear and equipment an easier feat for locals and tourists alike!