Maui’s Best Pools and Aloha Attire tips

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If you’ve ever wondered where the best pools are on Maui, then today we got you covered! I tell you all about my favorites, the most popular and why they’re so awesome.

Maui is my favorite island for pool lounging and there are so many excellent choices.  While I’ll never tell you to spend your entire vacation laying on your back doing nothing, there is defiantly something to be said for enjoying a relaxing day at the pool, floating down a winding river or sipping your favorite cocktail at an expansive pool. And lets face it, kids love them and a real vacation really can’t be complete without one, especially if you have little ones.

Later in the show I answer a podcast listener question about Aloha attire in Hawaii. Laura wants to know where to get the best Aloha shirts when visiting Hawaii. I share my picks and offer suggestions about which ones to choose.

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