Capturing the moment on Your Hawaii Vacation – Photos Tips from Joe Philipson

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On this special Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce welcomes acclaimed photographer Joe Phillipson into the studio to talk share some Hawaii Vacation photo tips. Bruce and Joe recall how they connected over social media more than a decade ago, and marvel at the growth of the online community.

Joe first came to Hawaii as a teacher at Ewa Beach Elementary School and recalls becoming obsessed with his new camera and taking unique photographs of Hawaii’s landscape and people. He went on to study photography on the East Coast and is now a sought-after professional.

Joe offers tips for aspiring amateur photographers and discusses the many options for taking pictures, even your smartphone. “You want to fill that frame with all of your happy moments,” he says. “Those are the ones you’ll want to remember. Get your camera ready and capture that moment.”

Bruce and Joe agree that great photographs don’t require expensive equipment. “Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you, even if it’s your phone,” Joe says.

He goes on to give tips for being prepared to capture special moments as they happen. If your Hawaii vacation is planned well, you’ll know well in advance when the best opportunities for great photos will be. “Anticipate those moments and have your camera ready.”

Joe offers unique insight about taking group/family photos and discusses some common mistakes visitors make when trying to get the “perfect shot”. Instead of fighting the sun for a good photo, let it work for you. You’ll need a flash, for example, if you want a picture with your back to the sunset. “Don’t fight the sun,” Joe says. “Just use it.”

The conversation moves to different types of photo filters like Neutral Density Filter, and Joe explains how different the quality of light is in different locations around the world. Joe recommends a “polarizing filter” and explains why they are advantageous for photography in Hawaii. Bruce and Joe move on to talk about using flashes and the challenges they present.

Joe recommends hiring a professional photographer during a Hawaii vacation. A professional will have all of the necessary flashes and filters, freeing you to simply be in the photo with your family and friends.

Find Joe at and on Instagram and Twitter to see his portfolio (it is vast and impressive), and consider hiring him to capture the “special moments” during your Hawaii vacation.

Bruce also notes that bookings are full or filling quickly for just about any and all Hawaii vacation activities. The time to book a Hawaii vacation is now!