Safe outdoor Hawaii activities

Aloha Bruce is back in the studio for the December 13, 2020 episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce is talking about Safe Hawaii activities for Adults and Kids to enjoy during a Hawaii vacation, especially for visitors traveling with children and people with no experience. Bruce notes that he and the Hawaii Aloha Travel ohana have been busy working on the Hawaii Vacation Video Podcast, with 10 episodes produced and available online.

Bruce starts off with the newly reopened Hanauma Bay and some important tips about getting in with a new limit of 720 visitors per day and what you can expect there. There will be no snorkel equipment rentals available to visitors.

Bruce describes Shark’s Cove on Oahu’s North Shore. It is named for the reef there, which is shaped like a shark’s mouth from the shore (not because it has a lot of sharks!). It is a wonderland of colorful marine life and very family-friendly during the summer months perfect and Safe Hawaii activities for Adults and Kids.

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Bruce also offers his tips for Safe Hawaii activities for Adults and Kids on neighboring Islands like Akaka Falls on the Big Island, noting that many activities are free to the public throughout the Aloha State. He also says surfing lessons in Kihei on Maui is the perfect place for kids and grownups alike to learn, with specific mentions of the companies to seek out. Bruce mentions zip-lining at Kipu Ranch on Kauai as the “absolute highlight” for many of the visitors he has worked with over the years.

Bruce dives deep into a number of other non-extreme activity options like the Dole Plantation on Oahu, with some notes about the historic place. He wraps up the podcast with great info about horseback riding for beginners at Kahua Ranch in Kohala on the Big Island.

As always, Aloha Bruce offers his on-the-ground local expertise with his unique perspective. Visit Secret Hawaii Tours to plan Hawaii vacation activities appropriate for people of all ages and abilities.