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Oahu’s popular visitor attractions: a couple of changes

As we barrel into Hawaii’s high-summer vacation season, we thought we’d point out some changes at a couple of Oahu’s popular visitor attractions. As Aloha Bruce noted on the latest Hawaii Vacations Podcast, visitor arrival numbers are approaching pre-pandemic levels. With Asia-Pacific arrivals expected to begin to surge as we move deeper into 2022, the […]

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Waikiki’s Diamond Head History: Legend of Love

Waikiki’s Diamond Head is arguably one of the most recognizable natural landmarks in the world. It’s been a picture postcard image of paradise for generations, and it towers in the background of countless millions of vacation photos taken by giddy beach-goers. Beyond that iconic image, Diamond Head, or “Leahi” in the Hawaiian language, has been […]

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The Seven Natural Wonders of Hawaii

Mount Everest, The Matterhorn, The Meteor Crater, Victoria Falls, Ayers Rock, The Great Barrier Reef, and The Grand Canyon; they’re the seven Natural Wonders of the World.  Each is pretty impressive in itself, but you have to go a long way out of your way to see any of them. Here in Hawaii, we have […]

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