Best Places to Watch Sunsets: Oahu

The sunset from behind a palm frond
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Sunsets in Hawaii never get old, as there are so many places to see them. Whether it’s from atop a mountain or down at the beach, the saga of the sunset can unfold in a multitude of ways. Here are my top picks of places to watch the sunset on Oahu. Stay tuned for best places on neighbor islands.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head offers two spots perfect for viewing the sunset; one would be at the top of Diamond Head Crater, while the second would be right below, at the sea cliff lookout. The lookout has a lot more room to sit and stretch out than the bunker at the top of the crater. It’s also easier to get to because the only way to the top of the crater is to hike. Nothing wrong with hiking, but if you spontaneously decide to watch the sunset with your honey, a sweaty race to the top is far from romantic.

Tantlus and Round Top

Almost every day at sunset, a splash of golden-yellow hues color the scenic mountain backdrop of Tantlus and Round Top Drive. In addition to being much higher up in elevation than at Diamond Head, the view from Tantlus/Round Top offers a panorama of the entire Honolulu cityscape below. Most people park at the vista areas or go straight to Puu Ualakaa State Park. There’s a grassy knoll here to kick back or to sunset picnic with friends.

Kakaako Park

Pick a hill; any hill, to watch the sunset in Hawaii. Kakaako Waterfront Park has tons of rolling green hills along the south shoreline that it’s no wonder so many people come here to soak in the day’s end. I enjoy posting up closer to the ocean, though, on the long rock wall right above the water’s edge and listen as the ocean waves lap ever-so-gently below.

Sunset Beach

Located on the North Shore, Sunset Beach is a no-brainer when it comes to the golden hour glory. The name’s a dead giveaway. Towards the day’s end, you’ll see people getting comfy on the sandy beach with their cameras and tripods ready to go. They’ll not only get a sunset shot but a shot with silhouetted surfers or babes in bikinis. Lets just say, no matter the photo op, it’s bound to be postcard-worthy!

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