Ditch the Resort Spa on Oahu and Go Local! Our Top 5 Picks

As a disclaimer, I should probably tell you — I’m a verifiable Spa Rat! I could spend hours getting rubbed down, pampered, and massaged. And, don’t EVEN try to kick me out of the sauna or steam room!

But, over the years, I’ve had to invest a small fortune on resort spa treatments, since that’s when I usually have the down-time to relax. And, that got me thinking — what if you could enjoy resort spa-quality treatments, but at a local “off the grid” spa in Hawaii? Could you save some cash?

The answer is “yes”!

So, here’s a look at a few local spas on Oahu (and, I’ll follow-up with a neighbor-island post, too):

1. Heaven on Earth Salon and Day Spa: At Heaven on Earth Salon and Day Spa on Oahu, you can get a resort-quality spa treatment for half the price. A 3.5 hour spa package at a luxury hotel will set you back at least $500, but here, you can get a 50-minute full body massage, aromatherapy facial, spa pedicure, and natural manicure for $251. A 3 hour package is only a fraction more at $253. If you’re expecting, try the Mommy-To-Be Spa Package, which includes a 3 hour long series including massage, facial, and pedicure for $216 (not recommended for women in their first trimester).

Many local spas offer spa packages that are comparable to resort spas. However, make sure you consider transportation costs.

2. Honu You Hawaiian SpaIf you’re staying on the Windward side, consider taking a trip to the Honu You Hawaiian Spa in Kailua. When researching the company, my eye went directly to the Honu You Rejuvinating Spa Package, which includes a Lanikai Lomilomi Massage, and Eminence Organic Facial, a Honu Spa Pedicure, and a Shellac Spa Manicure (I like packages, you can see). Four hours and ten minutes of pampering for $410.

3. Bellaviva Salon and SpaBellaviva Salon and Spa has three locations across Oahu: Kunia, on the Windward Side, Pearl City. If you have a rental car and want a discount on your spa treatments, consider making the trip and heading over. One of the most intriguing treatments can be found at the Windward side location. There, you can get the Chocolate Delight, which includes a Chocolate Manicure, a Chocolate Pedicure, and a Chocolate Body Wrap. Three hours of indulgence for just $200.

4. Spa PureOne review of this spa, located in the heart of Waikiki, said it was too expensive. But, it’s pennies compared to the spas at the high-end resorts, like the Moana Surfrider, Turtle Bay, and the Royal Hawaiian. One treatment that caught my eye is the Ganban Yoku, which is a granite sauna. Wearing comfortable, loose clothing or a towel, you’ll lie under an herbal steam dome on a slab of pure granite. The stone is gently warmed to 103 degrees, releasing a very safe far-infrared energy that produces a deep, profuse sweat that flushes toxins from your cells and stimulates circulation without increasing your heart rate. 30-minute sessions. $80 for one, $95 for two.

A spa treatment is the perfect way to really unwind during your vacation. However, you don't have to stay at the resort for resort quality service.

5. Hoala Salon and Spa:Rough day shopping at Ala Moana Center? Then, take a break at the Hoala Salon and Spa. Here, you can enjoy a Himalayan Rejuvenation Treatment. based in the science of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Experience a series of innovative exfoliation and massage techniques to relax the body, calm the mind, and relieve tension. Two hours for $240.

I’ve been known to forego the expensive resort spas for the chance to get more for my buck away from the tourist-areas. And, I recommend heed our advice and do the same. A resort spa on Oahu is great, but it will cost you. So, save your money, and patronize these local spas instead.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher