Join a Backyard Hawaii Party at Germaine’s Luau 

Fireknife dancing, like you'll find at Germaine's Luau
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There are a lot of luau to choose from on Oahu, but one of the most time-tested and classic options is Germaine’s Luau. This family-friendly dinner show promises a backyard-style atmosphere complete with great food and entertainment. 

But does it live up to its promise? Let’s learn all about this popular Hawaiian luau and whether it’s worth visiting during your vacation to Oahu.

What to Expect at Germaine’s Luau

Let’s start with the basics: What is Germaine’s Luau, and what can you expect when you go? 

We’ve got lots of great info on this Hawaii attraction, along with a recap of reviews to help you decide if it’s the best one for your vacation!


This Oahu luau is located in Kapolei, about 15 minutes away from Ko Olina and 45 minutes from Waikiki. You can add on a shuttle service when you book your ticket, making it an easy trip from Waikiki if you don’t mind the drive time. 

Another notable thing about Germaine’s location is that it’s right by the ocean. While the surrounding neighborhood is an industrial area, Germaine’s Luau has a nice oasis feel that will allow you to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the shoreline. 

Food & Drink

The menu at Germaine’s is slightly more limited than some other luau, but still has the local essentials: kalua pig, poi, lomilomi salmon, and potato mac salad. There are also dishes that cater to mainland pallets, like sauteed fish, barbecued chicken, and fruit salad. 

Kalua Pig from a luau

Food is served buffet-style after the traditional imu presentation, when they take the roasted pig out of the underground oven. 

It’s open seating on picnic tables around the luau area, which has a very relaxed, backyard party vibe. The highest ticket tier does include reserved VIP seating, so that’s an option if you want a seat saved for you. These reserved seats will also get you closest to the entertainment stage. 

You’ll get one, two, or three drink tickets, depending on your package. Additional drinks are available to purchase onsite. They have tropical cocktails like Mai Tai and Blue Hawaii, wine, and beer. 


Germaine’s Luau is known as one of the more kitschy luau in Hawaii, so entertainment will have a humorous edge and lots of audience participation. Lots of tourists love it. After all, why not let loose and enjoy a little cheesiness? But if you are looking for a more authentic luau with greater cultural insight, the entertainment at Germaine’s may fall flat for you. 

But they definitely have a lot of fun here. Entertainment includes a complete Polynesian revue with Hawaiian hula, Tahitian dancing, and Samoan fire-knife dancing. It is all accompanied by live music and a charismatic emcee that aims to keep the audience engaged. 

What Else is Included

Your admission to Germaine’s Luau will also include a lei greeting (either a shell or kukui nut lei, depending on your ticket tier). Soft drinks and coffee are included, along with your choice of food from the buffet. 

The number of alcoholic drink tickets you receive depends on your ticket tier, with the highest package including three drinks plus a dedicated bar line. 

History of Germaine’s Luau

Germaine’s Luau first operated in the early 1970s at Sea Life Park Hawaii (which today is home to the Aloha Kai Luau). 

In 1976, Germaine’s moved to its current location in Kapolei, where it’s welcomed thousands of visitors to its lush oceanside garden. 

The luau still holds some of its retro touristy vibes. After all, the 1970s was when Elvis presented his “Aloha from Hawaii” special. Tourism was booming. And people wanted to see the unique culture for themselves. 

Many people who attend Germaine’s Luau are repeat visitors, coming throughout the decades to experience the comfort of an ever-present tradition. Though it lacks the quiet elegance of more modern luau, it continues to appeal to families who don’t mind a little humor and spunk to their entertainment. 

Who Is The Best Audience for Germaine’s

We think Germaine’s is great for families with younger kids who may get bored at a slower-paced, relaxed luau. The emcee at Germaine’s Luau is great at getting the audience riled up, and there’s fun participation that kids will love. 

There are also lots of multigenerational travel groups at Germaine’s. Grandparents love the 1970s vibe while their kids laugh and dance through the entertainment. 

This is also a common choice for budget-minded travelers, as it comes in $30-$100 less than other luau on Oahu. 

Recap of Reviews

The thing about all the luau in Hawaii is that so much varies from night to night. The crowd’s vibe can greatly impact the quality of entertainment, while weather and other elements affect how people remember their experience. 

They’re also a somewhat expensive activity, costing well over $100 per ticket. This means people will be considering cost-effectiveness based on their own personal situations. 

So you’ll find most luau have a range of reviews. Germaine’s Luau tends to land in the middle for satisfaction. Most people tend to enjoy the entertainment but some say the food and cocktails were a bit of a disappointment. 

And the welcoming staff tends to elevate the entire experience for most guests. 

Other Oahu Luau

Germaine’s is far from the only luau on Oahu. We could go on an on with lists and rankings, but that would detract from our goal today, which is highlighting everything we love about Germaine’s. 

However, here is a quick rundown of other popular luau, in case you feel like Germaine’s isn’t right for you:

  • Paradise Cove Luau in Ko Olina
  • Polynesian Cultural Center Luau
  • Toa Luau at Waimea Valley
  • Chief’s Luau at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii

Is Germaine’s the Best Luau?

Deciding on a luau in Hawaii isn’t as simple as choosing the best one. After all, they are all so different that what’s great to one person won’t satisfy another. 

So is Germaine’s the best luau for you? 

If you want a backyard-style luau with some retro vibes, this could be perfect for you. Plus, its oceanside setting and its slightly lower cost may make it an even greater experience for some travelers. 
If you really want to make sure you’re going to the best luau for your visit, work with our agents at Hawaii Aloha Travel. We’ll take the time to understand your tastes and vision and help match you up with a Hawaii luau that you’ll love.