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Update For March 2024: The Old Lahaina Luau officially reopens on March 12, signaling a new era for Lahaina’s recovery. Read on to learn about the luau’s endurance amid tragedy and its value to the community. We look forward to reserving tickets to the luau for future Maui visitors!

Old Lahaina Luau has long been a favorite on Maui. This authentic Hawaiian luau featured world-class entertainment, a stunning oceanfront setting, a relaxed yet polished ambiance, and incredible food. 

But then tragedy struck. The 2023 wildfires destroyed much of beloved Lahaina town and forced the luau to close. 

We’re happy to share that this isn’t the end of Old Lahaina Luau’s story. Just like the Hawaiian culture it celebrates, the luau is resilient and strong. It’s eyeing a reopening in 2024. 

If you’re hoping to see (and support!) the luau this year, here is what we know about the future of this top Hawaii attraction. 

What Makes the Luau So Special

The Old Lahaina Luau is a treasured place in Maui. It is an authentic Hawaiian luau, so its entertainment is exclusive to Hawaiian song and dance (versus other luau that may include entertainment from all of Polynesia). 

Since it is exclusive to Hawaiian entertainment, you won’t find any fireknife dancing at this authentic luau. But the entertainment is still incredibly engaging as it tells the story of Maui’s earliest people. 

Its unique location also made the luau feel incredibly special. It was right in the heart of Lahaina town, a colorful neighborhood set right against the calm ocean. I’ve been to many luau, and none of them compare to the serene setting of the Old Lahaina Luau. 

There was nothing kitschy about it – the music and dancing were wonderful. And I was always thoroughly impressed by the food. It definitely compared to the Hawaiian food I’ve had at real family parties in Hawaii. 

There are also local artists, the traditional imu ceremony, and an open bar. 

hula at the old lahaina luau

Was The Old Lahaina Luau Destroyed? 

In the wake of the tragic wildfire, the Old Lahaina Luau reported that their grounds were mostly spared. However, their offices and sister luau, Feast at Lele, were destroyed. 

Here’s where you can get a peak of how the Old Lahaina Luau booked at the end of 2023 as restoration efforts continued throughout the town. 

Looking Ahead

After the fires, the Old Lahaina Luau and its employees entered a time of healing. The luau closed as hundreds mourned the loss of their Lahaina homes. 

Still, Maui visitors and residents look forward to the day when Old Lahaina Luau opens again, welcoming them into Lahaina’s warm embrace. 

The latest update from Old Lahaina Luau states they’ll be closed until at least the end of January 2024. Currently, their website is taking reservations for mid-February, though there’s no official reopening date. 

Our guess is that it’s mostly a waiting game. They’ll need to ensure the water is safe for drinking, cooking, and hand washing. They’ll need the office support ready to run the luau, and the town and employees must feel ready to return to work. 

But we are also hopeful. Though Lahaina town will never be the same again, its resiliency will endure. Lahaina’s residents and its Hawaiian community are strong. They’ve always been kind enough to share their spirit through the Old Lahaina Luau, and we anxiously await the day they’ll be able to share that with us again. 

Other Wildfire Closures

There are more than 600 Maui businesses that have closed since the August 2023 wildfires. This includes the Old Lahaina Luau and The Feast at Lele, which is under the same ownership. The same company also owns Star Noodle, located right next door to the Old Lahaina Luau — it’s still closed as well.

However, in December, the company took one big step — they reopened their beloved Olowalu Bakery. Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop wasn’t directly harmed by the fire, but the disaster did force its closing.

Of course, there are hundreds more businesses that closed or are struggling: luau, hotels, boutiques, and restaurants. Most of these were family-run businesses.

But the reopening of Old Lahaina Luau could signify a new phase of the town’s post-fire era — one that honors and continues to grieve what is lost but provides hope for the future.

When And How to Book Old Lahaina Luau

Need help booking a luau before or after their prospective reopening? Let Hawaii Aloha Travel help. Our expert travel agents are a great resource for navigating the many travel changes after the fire. 

Most of Maui’s other luau are open and fully operational, so if you’re visiting before Old Lahaina Luau’s reopening, you can still enjoy great Hawaiian food and entertainment.