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Maui wildfires create disaster conditions

Maui is burning. That’s not hyperbole. Dozens of homes and businesses in Historic Lahaina Town have been destroyed, and wildfires across the Valley Isle have closed multiple highways and roads, grinding traffic and commerce to a dead stop. High winds and drought conditions turned much of Maui into a disaster area. Acting Governor Sylvia Luke […]

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Maui vacation planning from Oahu by a local resident

The HAT Blog has been informed that the home office will relocate to Maui for one week in September so it’s a perfect opportunity to share our Maui vacation planning. Honorable Wife Person (HWP) and I will join her parents, two sisters, and their husbands for dedicated mirth and merriment on the Valley Isle. That […]

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HAT Blog Maui dispatch: Lahaina

Our Hawaiian Airline flight from Honolulu to Kahului was uneventful, which was enough to make me nearly ecstatic. In the nights before the trip, I had fever dreams of getting seated near some violent anti-mask wingnut of the variety that go instantly viral on social media. Please, no, I begged the Cosmos. We boarded without […]

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