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On this week’s Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast we’ll talk important tips for stuff to buy on your Hawaii Vacation. We offer suggestions for what essential Hawaii products to purchase and where to find them at the best prices.

We’ll discuss must-have Hawaii-grown foods like macadamia nuts, chocolate, and coffee. And the perennial favorite chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. And we’ll note that Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee and cacao beans, making those Hawaii products truly unique.

Aloha shirts are hugely popular. We note, however, that the ones you’ll find at chain box-stores are not the truly authentic styles and brands made here for generations in Hawaii. We’ll even talk about Bailey’s in Kapahulu (just outside of Waikiki), which is famous for its vintage aloha wear.
We discuss the uniqueness of Hawaiian jewelry, like familiar gold and silver bracelets and their engraved floral designs and black enamel calligraphy. Ukuleles are another popular item for visitors. But we’re not talking about the kind you’ll find with a “Made in China” sticker on it. Many Hawaii artisans produce beautiful, authentic instruments.

We’ll also talk about the importance of buying local. There are countless new businesses in Hawaii, creating amazing products, from beer, wine, and spirits to soaps, honey, baby clothes, and barbeque sauces. Gift ideas for Hawaii visitors are practically endless.
Of course, we’ll tell you where to find the perfect gift. Everyone knows that Oahu is home to mega malls and outlet stores, so we discuss local Oahu stores and boutiques that visitors might otherwise miss. We’ll get into flea markets and craft fairs on all islands, and the major shopping centers on the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai.

Shopping is something you’ll surely do so here’s some advice especially for visitors without local knowledge.

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