Should Wailuku Maui be part of your Hawaii Vacation plans?

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Today we answer a question from Paul Miller who is headed to Maui and wanted to know whether he should include Wailuku Maui in his plans. I always recommend a visit to Wailuku I love that area of Maui!  I  go over some of the highlights of this historic community and give suggestions on things you should do if you’re planning on visiting Maui.

Also on today show I talk about some upcoming festivals that are going to be happening in Hawaii that you might want to include in your vacation plans. I’ve been a big advocate over the years for including these kinds of events during your vacation because studies have shown that people who experience Hawaii’s culture come back to visit multiple times over and over. The best part is that these events are FREE!!
Finally I talk about some great deals that we have here at Hawaii Aloha Travel. If you’re planning to come for the summer you may be out of luck but if you intend on vacationing in paradise during the Christmas holiday season now is the time to start your research and making reservations.

If you have a question of comment or would like my feedback on you Hawaii Vacation plans, feel free to email me at, I’d love to hear from you!!