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Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are talking Maui on this Sunday, March 13, 2022 episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast (the first of two parts), and tips about the Road to Hana for Dummies. But first, the latest news about the lifting of Hawaii travel and masking requirements set for March 25 and a quick anecdote about a traveling party required to quarantine because of poor planning and preparation.

The Restaurant of the Week is Pesca in Waikiki, a rooftop restaurant at the former “Ilikai Hotel”, made famous in the opening montage of the original Hawaii 5-0. Bruce describes the unique seafood selection, where you pick your actual fish and have it deboned and prepared before your eyes. He and Yaling venture into a marveled detailing of the new Hawaii dining experience.

On to part one of the Maui episodes, where Bruce and Yaling just enjoyed an anniversary holiday. It’s , as Bruce explains the realities of the very long drive that includes 639 hairpin switchback turns. “Taking a tour with a great guide is the best way to do it,” Bruce says.

“And with a small group,” adds Yaling.

Our hosts make the important point that you have to know where to stop off and note the fact that you can’t take pictures while you’re driving. Bruce offers his insight on stopping in Paiea and several other key stops along the long road to Hana. “It took us 12 hours!” says Yaling.

The Kamahina Wayside is discussed, and Bruce notes the drought conditions he and Yaling saw along a coast known for its abundant waterfalls and lush landscape. “They’re completely dry.”

Bruce says that a stop at the Kaianai Peninsula should be included on the journey. It’s perfect for vacation pics, and Bruce mentions that the area is featured in many notable works of art and photography by famous local and international artists.

Next up on the Road to Hana for Dummies is Waikane Falls, where our hosts enjoyed a waterfall swim. “And we’re halfway to Hana!” Bruce says. Our hosts mention the Halfway to Hana wayside store, where you can find the best, warmest banana bread. They also had another hike and swim nearby.

Other stops along the way include scenic outlooks, beaches, and roadside waterfalls. Bruce and Yaling arrived for lunch at in Hana at The Ranch. Our hosts talk about the many food trucks in Hana, and the excellent fare on offer.

Wainapanapa Beach and its black sands and lava tube are noted as excellent for vacation shots. Bruce says it was a little crowded but worth the effort. The Road to Hana for Dummies is a quick primer on making the most of the long drive/ride.

Bruce talks about some stops along the trip back from Hana and delves into the possibilities of flying into Hana by helicopter. He and Yaling note the benefits of taking a guided tour with a small group. Our hosts promise more “granular” details about a Maui vacation on the next episode, including several hotel sight inspections and great restaurant experiences. There’s a lot to talk about!