Our Favorite Maui Waterfalls on the Road to Hana

Maui Waterfalls
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Maui waterfalls are some of the best in the world. Tucked in among emerald mountains, these wonders are a sight to behold. Today, we’re taking you along on an adventure through the Valley Isle to see some of its most impressive waterfalls. 

How to See Waterfalls on Maui

The best way to see waterfalls on Maui is to drive the Road to Hana. You’ll excitedly encounter your first waterfall around mile marker 2, and by the time you reach the far east corner of the island, you’ll have lost count of how many you’ve seen. Some require a bit of a hike, and some are just off the roadside. 

There are a couple of other waterfalls on Maui – they’re tucked into the west Maui Mountains. You can see Makamakaole Falls at the end of an adventurous hike, and Honokohau Falls is only visible from the air during a helicopter tour. 

Today, we’re focusing on the waterfalls you’ll find on the Road to Hana, but first, let’s share some safety tips for your adventure. 

Maui Waterfall Safety

When you explore Maui, the beautiful scenery can make you forget that you’re in a rugged, natural landscape full of unknowns. All hiking comes with risks, but here are some top tips for exploring Maui waterfalls as safely as possible:

  • Flash flooding is a huge risk with Maui’s waterfalls. Don’t enter the water or cross a stream if it’s recently rained or it looks rainy upslope. Keep your ears open for rushing water as you swim, and always have an exit plan. 
  • Don’t enter the water if you have any open cuts; you can get Leptospirosis from the rivers here. 
  • Follow all warning and no-entry signs even if you see other people ignoring them. 
  • Park completely off the road and do not block traffic. 
Maui waterfalls on the raod to hana

Our Favorite Maui Waterfalls

Like we mentioned, you’ll see tons of waterfalls as you journey on Hana Highway. But here are our absolute favorites that we’d love to share with you. 

Twin Falls: Mile Marker 2.1

Twin Falls is the first easily accessible waterfall you’ll pass on your journey toward Hana. Because of this, the falls can be pretty crowded with locals and visitors. There are portapotties, parking attendants, and a nice walking trail that leads to Twin Falls. If you don’t want to make the entire walk, you can swim at the smaller Maui waterfalls closer to the parking lot.

There is a parking fee at Twin Falls, which we think is worth it to enjoy such a pretty, well-maintained place. 

Waikamoi Waterfall: Mile Marker 9.9

Those who visit this waterfall are in for a treat because there is not one but two to enjoy. The first waterfall is right next to the road. Then, if you go farther upstream, you will find the second larger one.

Lower Puohokamoa Falls: Mile Marker 10.8

This tall, cascading waterfall is best viewed from afar. A mini trail leads hikers to a slightly closer view. However, accessing the falls and deep-water pool below is very dangerous and not worth the steep hike. 

Pua’a Ka’a: Mile Marker 22.5

You don’t have to hike at all to access Pua’a Ka’a Falls. This state wayside park has picnic tables, parking, and restrooms, so it’s an easy place to stop and see a Maui waterfall up close. 

Waimoku Falls: Mile Marker 42

As a National Park treasure, Waimoku Falls is definitely worth the price of admission and the 3.4-mile (round trip) hike. The trek along the Pipiwai trail takes you through a lush jungle with banyan trees and bamboo. You can’t swim in Waimoku Falls, but it’s a wonder to see and such a fun Maui hike. 

Planning to visit the summit of Haleakala? Your three-day pass to the National Park grants you access to the Pipiwai trail and the many Maui waterfalls on National Park grounds in Hana. 

Wailua Falls: Mile Marker 44.8

​​Another roadside gem, except this waterfall is 80 feet tall! Wailua Falls is probably the most photographed waterfall on Maui and is a popular spot thanks to its easy access and ample parking. 

Wailua Falls

Maui Waterfalls: The Island’s Best Beauty

So now you know how to see waterfalls, and which ones to look out for as you travel the Road to Hana. But what if you want even more guidance as you take in Maui’s natural beauty? 

At Hawaii Aloha Travel, we can set you up with a guided tour of the Road to Hana so that you can see the best stops without worrying about driving. There are tours dedicated to chasing waterfalls. 

Want to go at your own pace? No problem. We can help plan a customized vacation to help you see the most Maui Waterfalls and other great sights across the island.