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On this Sunday, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast, Aloha Bruce offers some important safety tips for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (and hints at some great news later in the episode). Bruce also mentions a busy week spent in Waikiki for business and how it got him thinking about safety during a Hawaii vacation, in particular, the recent drowning deaths of two people at Kaena Point on Oahu.

First, Bruce begins by discussing the current high Hawaii vacation prices. He discusses the “Generation Z” demographic trend that places Honolulu 5th in hostel bookings for that age group. Bruce details the “shared space” model of hostels and why the lower rates attract younger vacationers.

During his recent stay at the Marriott Waikiki Beach Hotel, Bruce notes the lack of return of tourists from the Japanese market. Covid remains a major concern in Japan, and that market is not expected to recover until next year.

Bruce discusses the similarity between Gen Z and the “starter market” that existed years ago, which would attract younger visitors with low rates in the hope of developing a loyal market as they aged and grew families. The low prices of hostels in Waikiki seem to be attracting a young demographic. “There were a lot of younger people!”

Bruce also mentions the discontinuation of United Airlines’ direct Las Vegas-Hilo route in January. He notes the effect this may have on Hawaii vacation bookings.

On to the main topic of safety at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Bruce starts with some simple tips like not wearing sandals or slippers while visiting the park. “Don’t wear sandals on these hikes!” He also talks about the importance of sun protection and reef-safe sunscreen, staying hydrated, and timing your hikes outside of the hours of the highest temperatures. And don’t feed any wild animals like the Nene Goose.

Bruce discusses being prepared for hiking in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and knowing air quality conditions, especially if you have a respiratory condition. He also notes the dangers of pursuing dramatic “selfie” photos in dangerous off-trail areas. “Not everything single thing has to be documented!”

Bruce closes with an announcement of exciting new changes on the Hawaii Aloha Travel website, which will greatly enhance the user experience beginning in early November. Mahalo for tuning in, and as Bruce says, “Support local businesses!”

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